Your carry-on is missing this kit

When we uncover a travel gadget or accessory worth writing about, it usually falls into the essential, can’t-imagine-how-one-ever-travelled-without-it category. Whether this one is a must-have is debatable. Yet, I’m wondering how I ever travelled before discovering this kit. Either way, I wish I’d thought of it first as it’s guaranteed to put the fun back into flying.

Created by W & P Design, the Carry On Cocktail Kit combines two favourite past times – cocktails and travelling. And even if, like me, you hate flying this is still a brilliant kit as it helps to take the edge off, so to speak – if only to distract you with mixing your drinks so you temporarily forget your fears.

carry on cocktail kit

Providing everything you need to craft two of your cocktails of choice at 30,000 feet, all you need to add is the alcohol itself. Containing a cocktail napkin coaster, stirring spoon, recipe card, and various ingredients depending on your drink of choice, you’ll only need to procure a glass, alcohol and some ice cubes.

Currently, on most airlines, when it comes to picking your poison, the choice is between the Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned and Gin and Tonic. The range is set to expand and, fingers crossed, Margaritas are next on their list.

While clearly not an accessory one can’t live without, the kits are beautifully presented and make the perfect gift for travellers who fancy themselves cocktail connoisseurs. Turns out you don’t need a Business Class ticket to access the bar on planes, after all…

RRP: $29.95 from Dan Murphy’s

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