Fifty-five per cent of YLC members support marriage equality

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A clear majority of older Australians support marriage equality, according to a YourLifeChoices survey, although the results are split along gender lines.

Last week, we asked for your opinion on the marriage equality survey, and the issue certainly drew strong opinions.

We had 516 responses to the survey, and of those, 95 per cent either had voted or intended to vote in the Government’s postal survey on the issue.

More than 55 per cent of respondents (280) said they agreed with changing the Marriage Act to allow same sex marriage, while 43 per cent were opposed. Only two per cent of respondents did not have an opinion on the issue.

The figures, though, varied vastly between men and women. Men were more likely to oppose marriage equality, while women were more likely to be in favour.

Of the 257 men who responded to the survey, 53 per cent were opposed to changing the Marriage Act, with only 44 per cent in favour. Women, on the other hand, were much more categorical in their support, with 67 per cent in favour and only 32 per cent opposed.

The survey also found that support for marriage equality was higher among younger respondents and gradually decreased as they got older.

Those aged 54 or under (just 30 of the 516 respondents) were strongest in their support, with 70 per cent in favour. Those aged 55-64 (111 respondents) were 60 per cent in favour, while those aged 65 and over, still had a majority in favour of changing the Marriage Act, but only 53 per cent, compared to 45 per cent opposed to the change.

Sixty-five per cent of women aged 65 and over were still overwhelmingly in support of the change, but men in that age bracket were the most likely to oppose the change with 55 per cent registering their opposition to the proposed change.

Why do you think there is such disparity between men and women on this issue?

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Love is love and all relationships should be free of discrimination.

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Written by Ben


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    Misguided fools talking about ”equality”. There’s no ”equality” in the SSM debate. It’s about eligibility. We already have ”equality’. Everyone can marry provided they meet the eligibility rules. So if we introduce ”equality’, does that mean we can marry our mother or father or brother or sister or daughter or son? We can already marry any ELIGIBLE PERSON. Just because someone is gay doesn’t stop them marrying. But we restrict marriage to someone of the same sex because they don’t qualify under the eligibility rules.

    What SSM seeks to do is change the definition of marriage and family. That’s NOT equality. That’s destruction of a very long term tradition that has deep and important meaning to a great many people. Sadly, the SSM campaign has successfully peddled propaganda using emotive words that confuse people as to what they are seeking.

    In nations where SSM has been legalized, we are seeing heavy discrimination against those who practice religion or adhere to a strict moral code. Religious schools are denied the right to continue teaching what they believe. We are seeing massive INEQUALITY AND DISCRIMINATION.

    If only the LGBTQI lobby had some respect, it was all so easy. Simply institute a different kind or union that has the same rights as marriage. But no. The real purpose, as clearly stated by leaders of the LGBTQI community, is to DESTROY THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE and forever change the definition of family.

    And while we are on the subject of ”equality”, tell me why I, as a taxpayer, have to fund gay balls and mardi gras and tolerate the offensive flaunting that accompanies them. I don’t see heterosexuals demanding taxpayer funding to march up the street half naked or in weird costumes waving flags that describe their sexual preferences. No ‘equality” there!

    • 0

      Please can you refer us all to the exact “statement” made by the so-called leaders that wish to destroy the institution of marriage. And while you are at it, please name them too.

      What I have been hearing is that many of the LGBTQI community actually want to get married.

    • 0

      Rainey, I’m not really sure where you get your info from. My form only asked if I agreed to having equality in marriage, but your form must have asked all of these other questions.

      I do agree with one of your comments, ie “We are seeing massive INEQUALITY AND DISCRIMINATION.” We are all equal, at least in our rights, although in Australia we don’t actually have any.

      One thing for sure, and it is just like the Dying with Dignity stuff, is that nothing is mandatory. Nobody will be forced to marry their horse, and nobody will be forced to wear a tutu. If you want to teach your children that we are all actually slightly advanced jellyfish, that is up to you. But don’t try to make anyone else do it.

      Above all, Rainey, remain calm.

      We should join together though, in condemning this stupid idiot postal survey, which wasted so much money and time and caused so much angst and divisiveness. I respect your views, and maybe you could respect the views of others.

  2. 0

    Misleading heading “Fifty-five per cent of YLC members support marriage equality” should read 55% of YLC members who responded to a very small and possibly unrepresentative survey. Obviously those who have a particular interest in a topic are more likely to respond to a survey, so the results are irrelevant.

  3. 0

    Proclaiming in bold letters that 55% of YLC memebers support gay marriage is deliberately misleading your readers.

    You have stated that your membership is roughly 220,000.
    55% of that would be about 120,000.

    You only got 513 people to respond and out of that, 280 say they agree.

    That is roughly a tenth of one percent and not the 55% you allude to.

    Your headline doesn’t say 55% of respondants, it says “Fifty-five per cent of YLC members support marriage equality” so 280 people agree with gay marriage and not the 120,000 that you imply.

    You have already stated that this website supports gay marriage. I don’t think it’s right for a magazing or website etc, to force their views onto their members by manipulating the numbers.

    • 0

      Couldn’t agree more Alan. The articles on this site are more often than not engineered to give a bias towards the left. If a person has to give evidence in a court of law they are required to state that they will give the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This site quite often gives the truth and nothing but the truth but by omitting the whole truth the article can be slanted to give a different result.

  4. 0

    The survey by the government has had a very good response with over 75% of voters making an effort to give an opinion. I will accept the majority decision regardless of my personal opinion because Australia is a democracy and that is how it works. The government has stated that it too will accept the majority view. Labor, on the other hand, has stated that they will force SSM through the parliament within 100 days of being elected regardless of the decision of the postal survey. Is that democracy in action?



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