YourLifeChoices magazine started life as a print publication. In September 2010 we took this magazine into the online world. Utilising page-turning technology our subscribers and web visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a highly interactive experience covering the key topics of health, wealth, travel and work.

Our most recent issue features a cover story on Matt Preston.

You can also read interviews with Hugh MackayJulie GoodwinIan Parmenter, Judith Durham, Max Walker, Bettina Arndt, Maeve O’Meara, Geraldine Brooks, Belinda Green, John Waters and Noni Hazlehurst in past issues now.





Issue 14 - Summer 2013 - Family, friends and food for one

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 14


One man who appreciates the value of family and the joy of generational
gatherings is Matt Preston. Best known for his love of cuisine, both simple
and sophisticated, Matt is larger than life, but he still derives pleasure
from the little things. In this issue, he has taken the time to share with
YOURLifeChoices what family and food means to him.

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Issue 13 - Spring 2013 - Creating a good life

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 12

As Debbie has noted in her article on the Age Pension, a good life means something different to each one of us. This is reinforced by the very thoughtful Hugh Mackay in his latest bestseller, also titled The Good Life. Hugh asks why a fundamentally prosperous nation has not delivered more life satisfaction to its citizens. His conclusions are fascinating.

In fact, Hugh’s insights into the good life have informed the theme for this issue of YOURLifeChoices magazine

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Issue 12 - Winter 2013 - Your ultimate wellbeing

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 12

For most, our physical and mental wellbeing are two areas that spring to
mind. We all lead such busy lives and tend to overlook or neglect our health.
This issue of YOURLifeChoices provides tips from the experts on achieving
ultimate wellness for your body, mind, money and even your technology.

Our cover story features Professor Kerryn Phelps, well known to most
Australians for her career in medicine. She shares how a health scare led
her to take stock of her life and encourages us all to prioritise our health, by
making time for exercise, relaxing when with family, and nourishing our souls.

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Issue 11 - Autumn 2013 - We show you how...

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 11

A change of season is often a great catalyst to change the way we live.

For many Australians, heading into Autumn means a retreat to home and hearth, a ‘cosier’ period before the onslaught of winter weather. So what better time to hone our skills and improve the way we approach our life choices in health, wealth, travel, work and technology?

In this issue, the YOURLifeChoices team has gathered together the very best ‘how-to’ advice we can find, starting with our ‘cover boy’ financial guru Mark Bouris and his illuminating insights into retirement income planning. It’s not just about wealth, according to Mark, but more about what you do with whatever level of savings you have.

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Issue 10 - Summer 2012 - Today, not tomorrow

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 10You hear it all the time, ‘live in the moment’, ‘dance as though no one is watching’, ‘exist in the now’. But it is rare to receive simple, practical advice on how you can do just that. This summer issue of YOURLifeChoices has some great suggestions.

Julie Goodwin graces the cover of this issue and her firm grip on reality is an inspiration. Not one to let fame go to her head, she has some very sound advice on both taking opportunities - and knowing when to let something go. She also shares her recipe for the Thai Fish Cakes which she discovered on her honeymoon.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 10.

Issue 9 - Spring 2012 - How to have (more) fun

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 8Have you forgotten how to have fun? Some days I think I have. So when we selected the content for this spring issue of YOURLifeChoices magazine we were determined to embrace the simple things that encourage us to laugh, connect with positive people and enjoy quality relationships.

The obvious choice for a cover article was Ian Parmenter OAM – the high
profile but down-to-earth cook, winemaker, author and raconteur. Ian proved
to be as engaging as his image, albeit with a serious social conscience.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 9.


Issue 8 - Winter 2012 - Time to slow down

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 8Take a deep breath. Get comfortable, and allow yourself a few minutes to just sit and relax. How else are you going to slow down for long enough to appreciate what’s in your life here and now? Because that’s what this issue of YOURLifeChoices is all about. Appreciating what you have already. And perhaps even enhancing some aspects of your health, wealth and relationships.

After 50 years in the music industry Judith Durham is no stranger to hard work but, when we spoke with her, she managed to make the ups and downs of her musical life sound like more of a joy than a chore.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 8.

Issue 7 - Autumn 2012 - 'Unstucking' yourself

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 7With summer behind us, it’s time to launch ourselves into the new season. This issue of YOURLifeChoices is about more than just making the most of your situation. It’s about reinventing yourself and embracing new situations and opportunities.

Max Walker is certainly not afraid of trying new things, and this Renaissance man provides inspiration in bucketloads as he shares how he has reinvented himself, time and time again.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 7.

Issue 6 - Summer 2011/2012 - What women achieve

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 6This issue of YOURLifeChoices seems to be dominated by strong women. But we like it that way. The theme which emerged as we worked on the various sections – making the most of what we have - also seemed to have a life of its own. Again, not such a bad thing.

So settle back and read on for the wonderful Bettina Arndt’s views on men, women and whether their sexual desires really need to seem so incompatible. Bettina’s work nowadays is largely focused on writing and speaking engagements – and trying to encourage couples to keep the flame alive.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 6.


Issue 5 - Spring 2011 - Safe and secure

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 5It’s a big wide world out there, and it keeps getting bigger. Our ability to use social media to connect with friends on the other side of the world in seconds means our lives seem to be getting faster, instead of slower.

Whether you always know where you’re going, or like food journalist Maeve O’Meara, you follow your mad ideas to wherever they may take you, it’s important to know your relationship, your finances, and even your reputation in the online community will remain safe and protected.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 5.



Issue 4 - Winter 2011 - Getting back to basics

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 4Life in the 21st Century can be fast, busy and confusing, sometimes simultaneously. We also seem to receive conflicting messages from many so-called experts in the media. These tell us that we should live every day as if it were our last. And slow down so we can smell the roses. We need to act now to create the wealth we need to fund a longer life. But money doesn’t really matter – it’s really all about the quality of our relationships.

What to do? Speed up and make it all happen – or slow down and savour the moment? Such choices are, of course, entirely up to the individual.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 4.

Issue 3 - Autumn 2011 - A matter of choice

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 3This issue of YOURLifeChoices is all about choice. Amongst the richer nations of the world – Australia ranks sixth for GDP per capita – we are beset by problems of obesity, coronary disease, Type2 Diabetes and credit card debt because we have simply forgotten how to say no to things which, all too often, are too easily available.

This issue we look at the choices in health, wealth, travel and work and consider how often less is actually more.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 3.


Issue 2 - Summer 2010/2011 - No limits

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 2This issue we highlight activities of interesting men and women who see no limits to their careers, their hobbies and their lives in general.

Starting with our cover-lad, actor, singer, songwriter John Waters, who is still making grown women swoon as he enters his 60s. John has recently starring as Darcy Proudman in Network Ten’s Offspring as well as currently touring with his show, Looking Through a Glass Onion. But sharing parenting of three children aged under ten, as well as being a grandfather, is what he sees as his most important work.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 2.

Issue 1 - Spring 2010 - On being real

YOURLifeChoices Online Magazine Issue 1Welcome to the first issue of YOURLIfeChoices electronic magazine. For those who have been dedicated print readers, we thank you for your loyalty over the past decade. For our new, online, friends we welcome you to our world, where we share the best of health, wealth, travel and work, not to mention technology, for 50-70-something Australians.

This issue’s theme is all about ‘getting real’. We didn’t start with a theme in mind, but quickly realised as our articles came together, that there comes a time in everyone’s life – often our early to mid-40s – when telling the truth and acting in a way totally aligned to our core values is the only way to go.

Read YOURLifeChoices Magazine Issue 1.

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What older women want – in bed

What older women want – in bed

What older women want – in bed

Do women want steamy sex or just a companionable cuddle?

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Renaissance Max – Tangles speaks out

Renaissance Max – Tangles speaks out

Renaissance Max – Tangles speaks out

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Hugh Mackay – What is a good life?

Hugh Mackay – What is a good life?

Hugh Mackay – What is a good life?

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Creating your ultimate wellness

Kerryn Phelps – Creating your ultimate wellness

Creating your ultimate wellness

Prof Kerryn Phelps shares strategies from her new health manual

Mark Bouris – Your retirement income questions answered

Mark Bouris – Your retirement income questions answered

Mark Bouris – Your retirement income questions answered

Mark Bouris helps you to find independent retirement income advice

Julie Goodwin - Cook, author, wife and mother

Julie Goodwin - Cook, author, wife and mother

Julie Goodwin - Cook, author, wife and mother

Gather is the title of Masterchef winner, Julie Goodwin’s latest book. It’s also what she ...

Ian Parmenter tells ‘almost’ all

Ian Parmenter tells ‘almost’ all

Ian Parmenter tells ‘almost’ all

Ian shares with us his passion for slow, but simple, food

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