Passengers push plane

Passengers in Russia pushed a plane onto the runway after its brake pads froze up.

Passengers push plane

Talk about paying your way! Passengers in Russia recently were forced to put their backs into it and push a plane onto the runway.

The Siberian airliner’s chassis froze due to temperatures of minus 52 degrees Celsius. Flying out of Igarka, and bound for the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, the plane had stood on the runway for 24 hours, causing the brake pads to freeze up.

With all 74 passengers keen to go home, they got out of the plane and started pushing it onto the taxiway until it was able to turn and the tow truck could take over.

Thankfully the flight then took off and went smoothly, however, investigators are still looking into whether any air safety laws were broken.

Watch this video posted by a passenger. 

Would you get on a plane after having to push it to the runway?


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    6th Dec 2014
    I think that this is rigged. The people are not able to push that plane at that angle to the wing, they are standing in snow which decreases their pushing power, and if they had to push it, why is the connection between plane and little tractor still engages with the tractor. You can tell that by the angle of the connecting arm, -it is not dragging in the snow, if it is connected you would hardly want to push the tractor as well, - it is conveniently just out of the picture with someone 'happening' to walk in front of the field of view of it. That plane probably weighs 4-5 tonnes, and all the pushers are dressed alike, as though they are airport employees, good for a bit of fun !!

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