Paul McCartney: “How VIP do we gotta get?”

Paul McCartney rejected from a Grammy’s after party in Hollywood? Big deal.

The internet is abuzz with scandal – specifically about Paul McCartney, a 21-time Grammy winner, being denied entry to a Grammys after-party.

The incident, which was filmed by TMZ, took place at the famous Argyle club in Hollywood.  The recording shows McCartney arriving with a small troupe, including musician Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, only to be turned down because bouncers had no idea who the men were.

"How VIP do we gotta get?" 73-year-old McCartney exclaimed at the time.  "We need another hit guys. We need another hit, work on it."

The rock stars tried a second time to gain entry but were again rejected.

The party’s host, zero-time Grammy winning rapper Tyga, later denied any responsibility for the incident, and said he had no idea that the “legend’ had been rejected. He took to Twitter to announce, “I don’t control the door. I had no knowledge SIR PAUL was there. I just performed and left."

I can see this is quite a ludicrous thing to have happened. I probably wouldn’t be able to pick Beck or Taylor Hawkins from a line-up – but Sir Paul McCartney, c’mon. Still, I think a person can be forgiven for not immediately recognising a celebrity, especially when you witness him or her in the flesh. Somehow, celebrities can look different in person.  

From the reactions to the footage, it’s clear people are flabbergasted by the event. But, seriously, is it really such an issue? Sure, Paul McCartney has been an enormous influence in the world, both musically and socially. But I find it hard to understand why this issue is being talked about (on social media and news platforms) as though it’s a gigantic affront to his person. As though his celebrity status has elevated him to some undeniable level of entitlement.

It’s just a party and it was just a mistake. And in the end, he’s just a person.

Check out the video of the incident below


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    18th Feb 2016
    Quite right he's just a person, and an elderly one at that. If he gets fased over that, carry around an ID.
    I would think he would enjoy privacy rather than this.
    18th Feb 2016
    Yep - he is just a person like the rest of us - and he is getting older
    and sadly our looks do change!!! I would think when he got home
    he had a good laugh about it - hope so anyway. It's no BIG deal.
    Brett (no longer) in China
    18th Feb 2016
    What was the point of this article? Apart from showing the writer's moral superiority! There are no reports that McCartney was upset, they went on to a different party. His response - We need another hit (song) - sounds more amused than upset.
    So the writer tries to make it sound like a big deal, then chastises McCartney for making it a big deal! The writer talks about the reaction on social media as if it was McCartney's own reaction.
    Your Life Choices is following the lead of the New Daily, becoming a rag where writers - NOT journalists - can air their own opinions.
    18th Feb 2016
    I agree Brett. Just a small issue made big.
    18th Feb 2016
    Couldn't have been much of a party when the host "just performed and then I left"

    18th Feb 2016
    No big deal, just another person is right, he sits on the toilet the same way as the rest of us. He probably would have a better time going home to count his money and celebrate (again) his divorce from Heather Mills.
    19th Feb 2016
    It's called a media beatup.
    19th Feb 2016
    Don't people have to RSVP that they're going?
    If I were hosting a party and some puffed up old F*rt turned up to drink booze - I'd be greatful to the bouncer who turned him away.

    19th Feb 2016
    Yes, ndibs, this shows about as much class as the cud he's chewing. Money doesn't mean manners.
    Sir Loin
    19th Feb 2016
    Another has been ? Like the girl said Ringo McCarthur who !!
    19th Feb 2016
    Apparently he was denied access by a fire marshal (or the like) because the venue was full. Pity the writer didn't do the research to find that out. Not sure it was the sort of party where one was sent an official invitation and needed to RSVP

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