Five pet peeves that make Leon irrationally angry

Sometimes it’s really difficult to let go of the little things.

Okay, so there’s plenty in life that makes me see red. If I’m being honest, sometimes I can be a little petty, but there are some things that just make me irrationally angry. Oh, and I should tell you now, that there may be a second, third, fourth and fifth sequel to this article – I’m an angry (young) man sometimes …

When the jam inside donuts is not inside the donut
I love bakeries. I often have this recurring dream where I’m standing on the other side of the counter whilst the baker fills a box with sybaritic sweet treats. Sounds nice right? The downside is that I never seem to get my goodies. Jung would probably have a field day with that one…

Anyway, I’m a connoisseur of doughnuts. I love them. I’ve actually gone on day-long doughnut-hunting missions to sample the finest filled pastries in my town and abroad. But as much as I love doughnuts, I really don’t like it when the filling is on the outside. It’s downright annoying. If I order a jam doughnut, I already know what’s inside. And the sign saying ‘jam doughnuts' takes care of the mystery beforehand.

Look, I get that it’s supposed to be decorative, but half the time there’s more on the outside than the inside, and if I wanted jam on my moustache, I can think of far more creative ways to do it. But no, a jammed-filled doughnut should be just that – filled, not decorated.

By the way, another thing that bugs me is having to spell donuts as ‘doughnuts’…

Broadsheet newspapers made available for plane passengers
Who was the bright spark that thought of making The Australian newspaper available for passengers to read on the plane? Obviously not someone who can only afford to sit in economy class. I mean, it’s a broadsheet, darn it! The Australian, opened full spread, is almost the width of two bloody seats!

I only hope the person responsible for that idea has nothing to do with the logistics of flying.

People who use big words – and don’t know what they mean – when they could use small words instead
Words such as ‘sybaritic’ (hehe) and ‘lamprophony’ have no place in casual conversation. I must admit though, it’s awfully cute when my other half does it and, I will say, at least she knows the meaning of the words she’s using. It’s when people use big words of which they don’t know the meaning that really gets up my proverbial (there I go using big words – I could have said ‘nose’, I suppose). You know, the ones who say something such as “that meal was both congeniable (sic) and salubreal (sic) to the palate” when they’re referring to a Happy Meal from McDonalds? That’s a true story by the way.

When people don’t follow the arrows in a car park
Let’s get this straight. A car park is basically a road with parking spots on either side. There are street signs and directional arrows on the asphalt that tell you which way you should be going, so tell me lady in the white BMW X5, why the hell are you driving the other way?!

There are days when I’d love to drive straight ahead and not let these dodgy drivers get away with going the wrong way down a one-way street (even if it is a car park), but I need my car more than I need to prove a point. One of these days though Alice. One of these days …

When articles say they’ll have five points, but they only have four …
Doesn’t that make you angry, too?

What things make you irrationally mad? Do you have any pet peeves? Do you think you are being petty or do you have a point (this may be a question you ask a loved one!)? Anyway, why not let off some steam and share your gripes with our members?

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    2nd Apr 2016
    Leon mate, I don't know what to say about those five points.... nothing, I mean nothing in the real spectrum of life.

    Me... I hate our corporate (foreign) control of our media whereby they sit on their own disciplinary boards, so get away with downright lies, misrepresentations, unholy bias and the worst is that they have the ability to INCITE bigotry, racial hatred within a community to divide and conquer the masses. They also PRESENT the CORPORATE view of what is good or not for the economy which is mostly just filling their own pockets.

    Doughnuts.... bugger me Leon, since January this year I have been addicted to the bloody things and I too have been sampling them in Melbourne where there are some really good ones and found some really different ones in WA (Fremantle I think it was) they had all sorts of fillings. Some had French/Arab influence... hope they are still there when I get there again... might even find some work to do in that area, just so I can return for the doughnuts!
    2nd Apr 2016
    I know Mussitate – first-world problems, eh?
    I'd love to hear from where your favourite doughnuts are? There's nothing like a good doughnut ... Always keen to try more!

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