Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Publisher Kaye Fallick and 'Deeksie', TV and radio presenter John Deeks, present our weekly podcast, Mind Your Own Retirement in which we will discuss your retirement income, share handy travel tips and help make everything more affordable for you. So grab a cuppa and have a listen.

Episode 37 - Sunday 8 March 2020

On our Mind Your Own Retirement podcast today, Andrew Davis, a former health industry chief of 20 years and now CEO of one of Australia’s largest comparison sites, reveals the expected price rises this year and tells why you must act now to minimise the damage.

Talking health matters, if you’ve noticed the world is becoming a bit foggy, you may be developing cataracts. What now? We asked an expert in the field, orthoptist Pam Norton, to explain everything we need to know about this eye condition. And she has a word of warning when asking your health professional about the costs.

Our podcast editor Ian MacWilliams has a number of passions in life, but one that totally absorbs him is researching and collating his family tree. He admits it chews up the hours and determines many of his travel destinations, but says it has enriched his life and his family’s in so many ways. He explains how.


Episode 36 - Sunday 1 March 2020

A pinch, a punch and a podcast for the first of the month! It’s episode 36 of Mind Your Own Retirement and we’ve got a cracker for you.

Firstly, we’ve got a man who knows everything about superannuation – Jeremey Duffield from Retirement Essentials. He’s come in to tell you how to get the income you need for the lifestyle you want, with a focus on how best to use your super and the transition from the income you had during your working life to how to draw down the capital from your retirement savings.

Learn more about Retirement Essentials or follow on Retirement Essentials on Facebook

How are your cooking skills? They’re about to get better, as a legend of Australian cooking, Beverley Sutherland Smith, joins John and Kaye to talk about getting back to basics in the kitchen and creating beautiful meals with very little effort.

Learn more about Beverly and The Seasonal Kitchen, or follow her on Facebook

Finally, Barrie Woollacott from Slater & Gordon comes in to discuss the pitfalls of using Airbnb, including what happens if you’re inured while staying at an Airbnb and how to protect yourself if you’re a host.

Learn more about Slater & Gordon or contact Barrie Woollacott

Free range eggs for omelettes, scramble and quick meals
Olive oil both light and virgin  for just everything from salads to cooking
White vinegar  for salads
Honey mustard as a flavouring base for dressings
Good quality butter for toast and breads
A flake salt will add flavour rather than just saltiness
Pepper grinder to give a bit of a heat factor
Canned tomatoes preferably Italian to make a quick pasta sauce
Pasta just any kind is handy as a cupboard essential
Rice For dishes from savoury up to sweet rice pudding
Stock powder to make an instant sauce, but check no MSG or additions
  The one I always use is Massel.
Sweet Chilli Sauce Mix some with oil and brush on vegetables for roasting or add a dash to sauces or dressings
Soy Sauce Adds an interesting saltiness to sauces
Some spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric for rice, curries are good to keep but only buy small quantities as they lose their potency with time.  
Cheese A selection of creamy and blue cheese
Basics such as flour, sugar and cornflour for everyday use  
Vanilla Best quality you can afford for dishes such as custard or add a few drops to
   fruit salad mixed with orange juice to give extra flavour
Onions  For just about everything, keep refrigerated so you won’t get tears when chopping
Garlic  even a small clove will give flavour
Chilli As much or as little as you like but does add a wow factor.
Ginger So healthy, grate a little into soups, sauce or stir fry
Potatoes Grated you can make a crispy potato cake to have with meats or with an egg on top for a quick meal, use for curries, roast, etc.     An essential item but choose the right variety for the right use.
Sweet Potato Makes a meal roasted with a butter, spiced sauce dribbled on after and a very healthy addition.
A mix of greens Buy small quantities so they keep fresh,  items such as broccoli, beans, bok choy, zucchini,   make a quick stir fry, or do  a steamed mix, or simmer in stock with ginger and garlic ,  these can give constant variety.    Remember too most vegetables can be lightly curried and reheat well.
Lemons Just an essential, from dressings to savoury or sweet sauce, give a great zing to food.
Oranges Apart from juice, a few strips of orange rind in a Bolognese sauce, a gravy, quarters tucked inside a chicken, give a light aromatic flavour
Apples, Pears with cheese and biscuits to make a quick snack or meal
A few small items such as  pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts or almonds to scatter over salads
or cooked vegetables to give different textures and crunch.

Episode 35 - Sunday 23 February 2020

This week, John and Kaye are joined by Emma Dawson. She’s the executive director of the thinktank Per Capita, and today she talks about pension poverty, what can and should be done about it and who’s most at risk of being pulled into this unfortunate cohort.

Jimmy Park from Specsavers also joins the team to discuss why eye checks are so important. They could save you from an ignominious fate, says Jimmy, who also explains how often you should have your eyes checked and the signs of diabetes to watch out for in between checks.

Learn more about eye health and the KeepSight program run by Specsavers and the federal government.

Sri Lanka was one of the fastest growing destinations prior to the 2019 Easter bombings. But, as Webjet chief Brendan Sawyer says, this amazing destination is back on its feet and back on the most-desired hot list. He also talks about why it should be on your wish list, as well as how to get you there for less.

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Episode 34 - Sunday 16 February 2020

When it comes to matters of personal finance, one person stands head and shoulders over the rest and that’s Noel Whittaker. In today’s Mind Your Own Retirementpodcast, the author of best-selling book Making Money Made Simple shines a light on the biggest retirement traps and explains how to avoid them or minimise them if it’s already too late.

As we enter the final month of what has been a horrific summer in many parts of Australia, Entity Health dietitian Teri Lichtenstein destroys a few common myths about sun exposure and sunscreen. Are the chemicals in sunscreen a cause for concern? She sets the record straight.

Driving in the hotter months can have its own challenges. Motoring writer Paul Murrell relates the alarming story about a couple who were caught out in extremely hot weather with a fuel gauge that suddenly dropped to empty. It’s a timely warning for us all.

About Noel Whittaker
Noel Whittaker is the author of Making Money Made Simple and numerous other books on personal finance.

About Teri Lichtenstein
Teri Lichtenstein is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Consulting Dietitian at entity-health.com.

About Paul Murrell
Paul Murrell is a motoring writer and creator of seniordriveraus.com, which specialises in “car advice for people whose age and IQ are both over 50”.

Episode 33 - Sunday 9 February 2020

John and Kaye kick things off with a discussion with two recently retired fellows, former YourLifeChoices director David Fallick and his publisher pal Jeff Patchell.

 About David Fallick

After 32 years as a founder and director of Indigo Arch Publishing, parent company of YourLifeChoices, David has stepped aside so as to more fully indulge in some of his other interests. Prior to Indigo Arch, he strove long and hard to fail accounting three times, spent two years in the grey-funnel line, worked in ad sales on consumer magazines for all the major Australian publishers and, forty years ago, moved from his native Sydney to Melbourne for a “couple of months”. However, without doubt, his greatest achievements are a 37-year marriage to Kaye and being blessed with three wonderful offspring!

About Jeff Patchell

After 34-years of running his own publishing business, Jeff has over the past six months moved into semi-retirement mode.

He still has one leg in the business a couple of days a week for a while longer – and most every other hour has been spent painting and renovating the family home, something he always promised his wife Jenny he’d do.

He is now exploring his options and interests to plan his next 20 years, break the 9-5 office routine and throw out the paint brushes.

About David Helmers

Learn more about the Australian Men’s Shed Association at www.mensshed.org or email david@mensshed.org

About Dr Ross Snow

Mr Ross Snow has been a consultant urologist in Melbourne for more than 30 years. He has a strong interest in all aspects of prostate cancer and has actively contributed to ongoing debate surrounding the screening and management of this condition. Mr Snow was the President of the Urologic Society of Australasia in 2006


Episode 32 - Sunday 2 February 2020

Maintaining an affordable retirement is difficult, no matter which tribe to which you belong. First up, Kaye discusses your typical spending habits in retirement and how some Australians actually manage to maintain an affordable retirement.

And finally, Ian MacWilliams discusses his passion for volcanos and what recently drew him to travel to Vanuatu to visit an active site and shares a video of the visit!

Episode 31 - Sunday 26 January 2020

Today, it’s the John and Janelle show. First up, they chat with Jonathan Brown, consumer advocate at CHOICE. He explains how we can take charge of 2020:by getting on the front foot and demanding better prices – for everything, giving your health insurance a health check, getting your heating and cooling bills under control and even auditing your pantry – a novel but excellent idea!

If you’ve been putting off the annual visit to your GP – or maybe, like so many men, you’re not even going annually – then Dr Kieran Kennedy is just the person to boost your confidence. He lifts the lid on the other side of those often embarrassing (for us) body checks.

Episode 30 - Sunday 19 January 2020

In episode 30 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Deeksie and Kaye are joined by Josh Funder from Household Capital. He explains to Deeksie and Kaye how Household Capital can help to double your super at retirement, allowing retirees to draw upon the value of their family home without sacrificing their super or Centrelink.

For more information on Household Capital
Website: www.householdcapital.com.au
Phone: 1300 471 784
Facebook: @HouseholdCap
LinkedIn: @Household-Capital
Twitter: @HouseholdCapit1

For more information on EveryAGE Counts visit www.everyagecounts.org.au

Australian Government Department of Human Services clickthrough to Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support visit: www.humanservices.gov.au

Australian Government disaster recovery assistance
call:180 22 66 or visit https://www.disasterassist.gov.au/Pages/home.aspx

Insurance Council of Australia
24-hour hotline: 1800 734 621 or visit: https://disasters.org.au/

Episode 29 - Sunday 12 January 2020

In episode 29 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Deeksie and Kaye give us a glimpse into their 'wild' New Year’s Eves and explain why their new year’s resolutions don’t include sky diving or learning to ride a bike.

Kaye then shares the surprising results of the recent YourLifeChoices Retirement Income Review Survey, in which over 5000 members shared their real concerns and feelings about retirement and government support. She reveals the shocking discrepancies between the government’s recent retirement income review and the survey findings.

Troy Waite, the regional manager of customer value and development at Apia, shares 20 years of knowledge working with Australia’s leading over-50s insurance specialists. He tells us about their partnership with the Heart Foundation, 'Steppin Out', and the social and physical benefits of walking.

Click here to find out more about Apia.

Our very own “travel guy” sums up our members' favourite articles of 2019, including where you can get a Michelin grade meal for $6 and the best kept secrets across Australia and New Zealand.

Episode 28 - Sunday 5 January 2020

Welcome to the first episode of Mind Your Own Retirement in 2020. It’s the first episode for the year and the first time Leon joins John as co-host.

Find out more about neobanking at Savings.com.au and follow Savings.com.au on Facebook.

Look out for Louise’s new book Don’t panic: Age the Way You Want, Where You Want. Visit Aged Care Steps or follow them on Twitter

Buy Slow Travel, visit Penny’s website for more great travel articles, or follow her on Facebook

Episode 27 - Sunday 29 December 2019

In episode 27 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Kaye reveals what Santa brought Kaye for Christmas and John shares his latest philanthropic passion, as well as how you can help the unsung victims of Australia’s tragic bushfires.

Episode 26 - Sunday 22 December 2019

Christmas is right around the corner, and to kick off episode 26 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Kaye tells Santa Deeksie about what she wants for Christmas.

Episode 25 - Sunday 15 December 2019

Janelle joins John Deeks for a pre-Christmas episode of Mind Your Own Retirement, and they start of proceedings by (w)rapping about the ‘nightmare before Christmas’.

Episode 24 - Sunday 8 December 2019

In episode 24 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Deeksie reveals his ideal Christmas gift and Kaye shares why no one is on her Christmas list this year.


Episode 23 - Sunday 1 December 2019

In episode 23 of Mind Your Own Retirement Deeksie starts of the show with a confession …

Then, Kaye and Deeksie talk to William Jolly from savings.com.au who offers great tips on choosing the best term deposit for retirees. He also delves into what would happen to your savings if the rates go negative, how interest rates are paid on term deposits, where you might find better rates of return, as well as how you can prevent losing money in tough times.

Episode 22 - Sunday 24 November 2019

In episode 22 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Kaye returns to join Deeksie for a chat with Russell Markham, who has some amazing tips on how to read the stock market, when to buy and when to sell shares and the best types of shares for retirees to choose. He also shares the special ingredient for finding shares that deliver growth and dividends and a tool that can help you find them.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below about your ideal bucket list trip for your chance to win a copy of Lee Atkinson’s new book The Definitive Bucket List.

Episode 21 - Sunday 17 November 2019

Join John and Janelle for episode 21 of Mind Your Own Retirement, as they chat to money maestro Noel Whittaker, who shares all he knows about, funnily enough, shares. He considers whether it’s too late for you to reap the rewards of investing, explains the 10/30/60 rule, shares versus property investment and the best way to invest your money. No one knows shares like Noel and his suggestions may lead you to rethink your retirement investment strategy.


Episode 20 - Sunday 10 November 2019

In episode 20 of Mind Your Own Retirement, estate planning guru Rod Cunich explains everything you need to know about a power of attorney, including the reasons you should have one and the best way to go about choosing one.

Learn more about Rod Cunich at www.rodcunichlawyer.com or call him on 02 8035 5200

Learn more about Sealink Kangaroo Island or call on 13 13 01

And we have our favourite physiotherapist Jason Lee from Malvern East Physiotherapy, who explains the importance of good posture, and shares how to maintain it when sitting and standing – even if you have a chronic back condition. He also talks about his Better Ageing podcast, where you can learn simple ways to help your body remain healthy.

Book an appointment with Jason or call 03 9571 6888

Episode 19 - Sunday 3 November 2019

Rod Cunich joins us for episode 19. You know him as our favourite legal guru. Not only because he answers your questions, but also because he’s brilliant and explains the law in plain English. Today, Rod shares the three essential things you need to know about estate planning.

Learn more about Rod Cunich at www.rodcunichlawyer.com or call him on 02 8035 5200

Learn more about Coral Expeditions at www.coralexpeditions.com or call them on 1800 079 545

Episode 18 - Sunday 27 October 2019

Deeksie and Kaye speak to a Perth grandmother about cord blood gifting – one of the best investments you can make for your family. In today’s podcast, Sheryl explains how you can give a gift for life to your children and grandchildren.

Learn more about Cell Care or call on 1800 071 075

Learn more about Globus or call on 1300 926 083

Episode 17 - Sunday 20 October 2019

More than two-thirds of YourLifeChoices members receive either a full or part Age Pension. Which means dealing with Centrelink. Which often means frustration. In today’s episode of Mind Your Own Retirement, Centrelink general manager Hank Jongen tells Kaye and Deeksie how customers can avoid frustrating phone wait times and visits. This is advice from the top that you must hear.

To contact Hank Jongen, visit his Facebook page.
View an example of a robo-debt letter.

Episode 16 - Sunday 13 October 2019

Deeksie and Kaye chat with Department of Human Services head honcho Hank Jongen (AKA Centrelink general manager) about that ‘robot’ striking fear into the hearts and minds of many age pensioners – robo-debt. But Hank is here to set your minds at ease, and explains why you might receive a letter and what to do if you do receive one.

To contact Hank Jongen, visit his Facebook page.
For more information on gardening visit www.yourlifechoices.com.au
View an example of a robo-debt letter.

Episode 15 - Sunday 6 October 2019

Official interest rates have dropped again and that’s not likely to be the end, the Reserve Bank has more than hinted. That’s why Deeksie and Janelle decided to chat with Bendigo Bank’s head of economics and market research for today’s Mind Your Own Retirement podcast. He explains the repercussions for retirees.

For more information on password managers, visit www.yourlifechoices.com.au.

Episode 14 - Sunday 29 September 2019

Learner drivers have L-plates and provisional drivers have P-plates. Should senior drivers be forced to display S-plates? As we age, our driving skills may diminish, but our experience might make up for any losses in that department. When to hang up the car keys is a hotly debated issue. On Mind Your Own Retirement today, co-hosts Janelle and ‘Deeksie’ talk with motoring writer Paul Murrell about whether S-plates really are a possibility for older drivers.

Car advice for people whose age and IQ are both over 50, visit seniordriveraus.com


Episode 13 - Sunday 22 September 2019

A reliable income is critical to a happy retirement and during years of accumulating super, you want to be sure you’re not paying more fees than you need to once you’ve retired. To help you check on your fund, in episode 13 of Mind Your Own Retirement, we talk with Stockspot chief Chris Brycki, who names and shames the funds that charge the highest fees.

For more information on Down Under Cruise and Dive, visit www.downunderdive.com.au
For more information on Fat Cat Funds Report 2019, visit blog.stockspot.com.au

Episode 12 - Sunday 8 September 2019

More than 440,000 Australians have dementia and that number is rising every year. In Dementia Action Week, episode 12 of YourLifeChoices’ Mind Your Own Retirement podcast talks with Maree McCabe, chief executive of Dementia Australia. She explains the research being done to change society’s attitudes towards people with dementia.

For more information on Dementia Action Week, visit www.dementia.org.au
Find out more about the Shangri-La Cairns by visiting www.shangri-la.com

Episode 11 - Sunday 1 September 2019

In Mind Your Own Retirement episode 11, we talk to YourLifeChoices’ Centrelink guru Ben, about the three most commonly asked questions he receives about the Age Pension. Today, he talks your through the process of applying for the pension, making claims overseas and how much you’ll get based on your income, assets and residency status.

Alwyns Photo School

Episode 10 - Sunday 25 August 2019 

Q: What concerns you most about your retirement?

A: It could be one of three things, depending on your retirement tribe.

Listen up to today’s Mind Your Own Retirement podcast to learn the answers from the YourLifeChoices-Challenger Ensuring Financial Security in Retirement survey.

New research now suggests that Australians need to rethink their diets. Kaye chats with Heart Foundation dietitian Sian Armstrong about which of your favourite foods you can now indulge in and which you should strike from your weekly menu.

John and Kaye also talk with Webjet Exclusives general manager Brendan Sawyers, who explains how package holidays are so cheap, why they’re becoming increasingly popular for older travellers and where you can find once-in-a-lifetime holidays to bucket-list destinations at an affordable price.

Download a free retirement roadmap to learn more about your retirement income options.
Download the 2019 YourLifeChoices-Challenger Financial Discomfort in Retirement report.

Find out more about The National Heart Foundation of Australia.
Find great deals from Webjet Exclusives from each of the top five bucket-list destinations – 
Canada and Alaska, the Middle East, China, Switzerland, Sri Lanka. 

Episode 9 - Sunday 18 August 2019

We've broken style in this week's Mind Your Own Retirement podcastbut that just means you get to spend a little more time with actor, writer, comedian and quizmeister Brian Nankervis.

You may know Brian as co-host of the ABC's The Friday Revue, or from RocKwiz, Hessie’s Shed, Hey Hey It’s Saturday or as his alter ego, street poet Raymond J. Bartholomeuz. Well, after today, you’ll know a whole lot more about him, as he regales Deeksie and Kaye with heart-warming tales of his childhood to what he’s up to these days and the secret to his seemingly endless well of happiness.

Episode 8 - Sunday 11 August 2019

Older drivers don't like to be told they make mistakes, but seniordriveraus.com motoring writer Paul Murrell says there are some common driving errors most over 55s make and he lists them in episode eight of our Mind Your Own RetirementThe latest figures in the ACCC's Targeting Scams report reveal that in 2018 Australians lost half a billion dollars to scammers. Deeksie and Kaye discuss how to identify a scam and prevent yourself from being fleeced. Leon is back in the country after a week in Fiji. He reveals why this South Pacific haven is a must-visit travel destination, as well as the best way to see parts that would be otherwise inaccessible to most travellers.

Episode 7 - Sunday 4 August 2019

Today’s Mind Your Own Retirement podcast is aims to educate and inform. Kaye and ‘Deeksie’ chat with Challenger’s chairman of retirement income, Jeremy Cooper, who offers his response to our members’ No.1 concern – running out of money, Donna Campbell from Destination Canada explains why you’d travel to Newfoundland and Labrador while Janelle Ward outlines what she learnt from the YourLifeChoices sleep poll.

Episode 6 - Sunday 28 July 2019

Today’s Mind Your Own Retirement podcast is dedicated to sex with episode six appropriately renamed episode sex. Kaye and ‘Deeksie’ discuss the surprising results of YourLifeChoices' sex poll with editor Janelle Ward, learn about Susan's unexpected sexual encounter and receive five tips to improve intimacy from Leon Della Bosca.

Read Susan's story.
Read the full results of the sex poll.

Episode 5 - Sunday 21 July 2019

 In week five of our podcast, Mind Your Own Retirement, Deeksie and Kaye tackle the latest news on deeming rates and then turn to family matters. Tourism Ireland’s vice-consul Rory Conaty explains how to go in search of family links in the Emerald Isle and Steve Perkin tells why his venture into writing family histories is gathering steam.

Episode 4 - Sunday 14 July 2019

In week four of our podcast, Mind Your Own Retirement, Deeksie and Kaye discuss the value of learning a language, voluntary assisted dying, and Leon takes them to Vietnam – sharing tips on the food, the history, the hotspots off the beaten track and … how to cross a road safely.

Episode 3 - Sunday 7 July 2019 

It's week three of our podcast, Mind Your Own Retirement and the start of a new financial year has heralded in a host of changes that might affect your retirement. Kaye and Deeksie help you make sense of the detail. They also bring you up to speed on travel insurance and the intricacies of finding insurance when you have a pre-existing condition – as many older Australians do. And they’re joined today by physiotherapist Jason Lee, who makes a 'moving' plea to older Australians – move it or lose it that is.

Episode 2 - Sunday 30 June 2019

It's week two of our podcast, Mind Your Own Retirement, with Kaye and 'Deeksie'. They reveal what you said were the hottest retirement postcodes and travel editor Leon tells which cruise cabins you should avoid.

Episode 1 - Sunday 23 June 2019

In our first instalment, Kaye bares all to ‘Deeksie’ as they discuss typical retirement income, ways to handle loneliness and why airlines are weighing passengers.


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Stock market tips

Stock market tips

Stock market tips

Today, the Australian Shareholders Association chief John Cowling joins John and Kaye to discuss what ...

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