Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 10

Q: What concerns you most about your retirement?

A: It could be one of three things, depending on your retirement tribe.

Listen up to today’s Mind Your Own Retirement podcast to learn the answers from the YourLifeChoices-Challenger Ensuring Financial Security in Retirement survey.

New research now suggests that Australians need to rethink their diets. Kaye chats with Heart Foundation dietitian Sian Armstrong about which of your favourite foods you can now indulge in and which you should strike from your weekly menu.

John and Kaye also talk with Webjet Exclusives general manager Brendan Sawyers, who explains how package holidays are so cheap, why they’re becoming increasingly popular for older travellers and where you can find once-in-a-lifetime holidays to bucket-list destinations at an affordable price.

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Download the 2019 YourLifeChoices-Challenger Financial Discomfort in Retirement report.
Find out more about The National Heart Foundation of Australia.
Find great deals from Webjet Exclusives from each of the top five bucket-list destinations – 
Canada and Alaska, the Middle EastChinaSwitzerlandSri Lanka.