Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 12

More than 440,000 Australians have dementia and that number is rising every year. In Dementia Action Week, episode 12 of YourLifeChoices’ Mind Your Own Retirement podcast talks with Maree McCabe, chief executive of Dementia Australia. She explains the research being done to change society’s attitudes towards people with dementia.

Channel 7’s John Deeks and YourLifeChoices’ editor Janelle Ward also talk with resident Centrelink expert Ben Hocking about why Centrelink may be regularly checking your bank account.

Then we head off to Cairns, where it’s 28°C most days in early spring, to chat with Kim Blain, the marketing manager of the five-star Shangri-La on the Marina. She tells why Cairns is the place to be and why it’s the perfect base to explore far north Queensland.

For more information on Dementia Action Week, visit www.dementia.org.au
Find out more about the Shangri-La Cairns by visiting www.shangri-la.com