Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 16

Deeksie and Kaye chat with Department of Human Services head honcho Hank Jongen (AKA Centrelink general manager) about that ‘robot’ striking fear into the hearts and minds of many age pensioners – robo-debt. But Hank is here to set your minds at ease, and explains why you might receive a letter and what to do if you do receive one.

It’s the perfect time of year to get back into your garden, says Janelle, who gabs about gardening, including what to plant and when and how sharing produce with neighbours can save your hip pocket and can be good for your health, too.

Finally, Kaye’s recent trip to Rome has her gushing about all thing Italian, which you’ll clearly hear as she recounts her meanderings through the marvellous museum that is Rome.

To contact Hank Jongen, visit his Facebook page.
For more information on gardening visit www.yourlifechoices.com.au
View an example of a robo-debt letter.