Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 19

Rod Cunich joins us for episode 19. You know him as our favourite legal guru. Not only because he answers your questions, but also because he’s brilliant and explains the law in plain English. Today, Rod shares the three essential things you need to know about estate planning.

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Steve Perkin has discovered the value of orgasms. That is, the scientific value! Inspired by National Orgasm Day, which some people say is to be celebrated on every day that ends in a “Y”, but is actually celebrated on 18 May, Steve found out the wide-reaching health benefits of regular orgasms and how they can actually extend your life.

You haven’t been cruising until you’ve been small ship cruising. And there’s a fabulous Aussie cruise company that specialises in small ship expedition cruises – Coral Expeditions. Today, Deeksie and Kaye talk to Coral’s commercial director, Jeff Gillies about why the small ship experience is the best way to see Australia.

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