Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 20

In episode 20 of Mind Your Own Retirement, estate planning guru Rod Cunich explains everything you need to know about a power of attorney, including the reasons you should have one and the best way to go about choosing one.

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Janelle also joins John and Kaye to talk about her recent short break at Kangaroo Island, travelling with Sealink Kangaroo Island on the ferry from Adelaide. She was up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, sealions, seals – all the animals you could poke a stick at – although we advise you don’t actually poke a stick at them!

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And we have our favourite physiotherapist Jason Lee from Malvern East Physiotherapy, who explains the importance of good posture, and shares how to maintain it when sitting and standing – even if you have a chronic back condition. He also talks about his Better Ageing podcast, where you can learn simple ways to help your body remain healthy.

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