Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 25

Janelle joins John Deeks for a pre-Christmas episode of Mind Your Own Retirement, and they start of proceedings by (w)rapping about the ‘nightmare before Christmas’.

Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff comes in to discuss working later in life and why treasurers seem to say it’s going to become more necessary in the future. He busts Josh Frydenburg’s assumptions that our ageing population is an economic timebomb, answers questions about employment opportunities for older people, what will happen if they can’t find a job and what it will take for employers to look at older workers as a more attractive staffing option. And he also predicts how the economy looks for 2020.

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Consulting dietitian at Entity Health Teri Lichtenstein is next, and she explains the pros and cons of taking vitamin supplements, whether they are worth taking or if they’re a waste of money. She also shares some tips on getting enough vitamins without taking supplements and the types of supplements you should take if your doctor does prescribe them to you.

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Motoring writer Paul Murrell knows a thing or two about driving in your later years. Today, he reveals his top tips for holiday road trips, including how to prepare for a long road trip, and what is required to stay safe on the road. Here’s a hint: it’s not all about your car!

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