Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 27

In episode 27 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Kaye reveals what Santa brought Kaye for Christmas and John shares his latest philanthropic passion, as well as how you can help the unsung victims of Australia’s tragic bushfires.

Claire Tacon from the National Debt Helpline joins us to explain how to get out from under debt. This is the time of year when suddenly many people can overspend, and the credit card bills that come in the new year may be a little shocking. Claire reveals who can help you, how to avoid debt vultures and pitfalls to avoid debt.

Learn more about the National Debt Helpline or follow the Consumer Action Law Centre on Facebook or Twitter. If you are having trouble with managing money, call National Debt Helpline Consumer Action on 1800 007 007

Louise Biti is Australia’s foremost authority on aged care in Australia, and she comes in to talk about the ‘pass the turkey moment’. What is it? It’s when you realise, usually during get-togethers, that something isn’t quite right with someone you love. Louise explains this in more detail and how you can react and manage the moment you realise you, or your parents, may need more help than they are willing to admit they need.

Look out for Louise’s new book Don’t panic: Age the Way You Want, Where You Want. Visit Aged Care Steps or follow them on Twitter

After Kaye reveals a dirty secret about herself, Michelle Armstrong comes along to tell you that it’s never too late to learn to ride a bike. Michelle runs High Country Women’s Cycling tours – a celebration of women’s cycling and aims to bring women together to ride, eat, drink and enjoy the beautiful high country.

Visit www.hcwcf.com.au or follow High Country Women’s Cycling on Facebook