Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 36

A pinch, a punch and a podcast for the first of the month! It’s episode 36 of Mind Your Own Retirement and we’ve got a cracker for you.

First, we’ve got a man who knows everything about superannuation – Jeremy Duffield from Retirement Essentials. He’s come in to tell you how to get the income you need for the lifestyle you want, with a focus on how best to use your super and the transition from the income you had during your working life to how to draw down the capital from your retirement savings.

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How are your cooking skills? They’re about to get better, as a legend of Australian cooking, Beverley Sutherland Smith, joins John and Kaye to talk about getting back to basics in the kitchen and creating beautiful meals with very little effort.

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Finally, Barrie Woollacott from Slater & Gordon comes in to discuss the pitfalls of using Airbnb, including what happens if you’re inured while staying at an Airbnb and how to protect yourself if you’re a host.

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Free range eggs for omelettes, scramble and quick meals
Olive oil both light and virgin  for just everything from salads to cooking
White vinegar  for salads
Honey mustard as a flavouring base for dressings
Good quality butter for toast and breads
A flake salt will add flavour rather than just saltiness
Pepper grinder to give a bit of a heat factor
Canned tomatoes preferably Italian to make a quick pasta sauce
Pasta just any kind is handy as a cupboard essential
Rice For dishes from savoury up to sweet rice pudding
Stock powder to make an instant sauce, but check no MSG or additions
  The one I always use is Massel.
Sweet Chilli Sauce Mix some with oil and brush on vegetables for roasting or add a dash to sauces or dressings
Soy Sauce Adds an interesting saltiness to sauces
Some spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric for rice, curries are good to keep but only buy small quantities as they lose their potency with time.  
Cheese A selection of creamy and blue cheese
Basics such as flour, sugar and cornflour for everyday use  
Vanilla Best quality you can afford for dishes such as custard or add a few drops to
   fruit salad mixed with orange juice to give extra flavour
Onions  For just about everything, keep refrigerated so you won’t get tears when chopping
Garlic  even a small clove will give flavour
Chilli As much or as little as you like but does add a wow factor.
Ginger So healthy, grate a little into soups, sauce or stir fry
Potatoes Grated you can make a crispy potato cake to have with meats or with an egg on top for a quick meal, use for curries, roast, etc.     An essential item but choose the right variety for the right use.
Sweet Potato Makes a meal roasted with a butter, spiced sauce dribbled on after and a very healthy addition.
A mix of greens Buy small quantities so they keep fresh,  items such as broccoli, beans, bok choy, zucchini,   make a quick stir fry, or do  a steamed mix, or simmer in stock with ginger and garlic ,  these can give constant variety.    Remember too most vegetables can be lightly curried and reheat well.
Lemons Just an essential, from dressings to savoury or sweet sauce, give a great zing to food.
Oranges Apart from juice, a few strips of orange rind in a Bolognese sauce, a gravy, quarters tucked inside a chicken, give a light aromatic flavour
Apples, Pears with cheese and biscuits to make a quick snack or meal
A few small items such as  pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts or almonds to scatter over salads
or cooked vegetables to give different textures and crunch.