Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 37

On our Mind Your Own Retirement podcast today, Andrew Davis, a former health industry chief of 20 years and now CEO of one of Australia’s largest comparison sites, reveals the expected price rises this year and tells why you must act now to minimise the damage.

Talking health matters, if you’ve noticed the world is becoming a bit foggy, you may be developing cataracts. What now? We asked an expert in the field, orthoptist Pam Norton, to explain everything we need to know about this eye condition. And she has a word of warning when asking your health professional about the costs.

Our podcast editor Ian MacWilliams has a number of passions in life, but one that totally absorbs him is researching and collating his family tree. He admits it chews up the hours and determines many of his travel destinations, but says it has enriched his life and his family’s in so many ways. He explains how.