Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 38

This week’s podcast of Mind Your Own Retirement is not only available in podcast format but also in transcript so for those who would prefer to read, we have you covered. Yes, we do listen and would love to hear your feedback.

We have a great round of interviews this week and first up is Simon Lockyer from Five Good Friends. Hear about Five Good Friends new age home care model. Simon explains how Five Good Friends help people live vibrantly in their own homes, and most importantly, stay connected to their friends, families and communities. Simon also includes steps on when and how to get started.

Our second interview is with Jonathan Leane, Chief Innovation Officer at Compare Club. Jonathan explains how you can find out your credit score and why it’s important. He also shares useful tips for those interested in accessing their ‘three-digit code’
Finally, Shelley Winkle from Queensland Tourism takes us off the beaten track but still only a short drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The small towns and sites along the way sound fantastic and the folk there would certainly appreciate our support after the devastating bushfires and drought. Inspiring tales from rural Queensland.

Transcript: Five Good Friends – New age home care model
Transcript: Queensland Tourism – Inspiring tales from rural Queensland
Transcript: Compare Club – How you can find out your credit score and why it’s important