Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 42

Jean Kittson may just be the perfect example of how a sense of humour can help you achieve amazing things. Jean – author, actor, comedian, script-writer, public speaker, ambassador and mum – joins co-hosts John Deeks and Janelle Ward on Mind Your Own Retirement to explain the motivation behind her latest book, We Need to Talk about Mum & Dad. She tells how she managed to navigate the aged care journey with a smile (mostly) – and that’s good news for us.

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Consumer advocate CHOICE has been the go-to source for independent information for all matters appliances for decades. Who in their right mind would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new oven or fridge or vacuum without first checking the CHOICE reviews? But CHOICE is not just a buying guide, it is also an advocate for consumer rights. Spokesperson Jonathan Brown tells how to save money, avoid sales tricks and spot misinformation by taking us step by step through its Consumer Rights Guide 2020.

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Finally, as we continue to bunker down during this time of self-isolation, we chat with travel editor Leon Della Bosca – who obviously hasn’t been anywhere for some time now – about a holiday we can all still enjoy.

Transcript: Jean Kittson – We Need to Talk about Mum
Transcript: Jonathan Brown – Choice
Transcript: Holiday in isolation