Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 46

People’s journeys through life are fascinating – usually a case of a series of sliding doors that deliver us to where we are now. On Mother’s Day, two remarkable women share their journeys and their knowledge.

One suspects that Dr Kate Gregorevic did not merely ease through sliding doors but knocked them down. The mother of three is a geriatrician, founder of Elder Health and of Project Three Six Twelve, an online provider of exercise programs for women in their 40s and beyond. She has also written Staying Alive: The Science of Living Healthier, Happier and Longer. She joins Mind Your Own Retirement host John Deeks to reveal the three biggest hurdles to growing old ‘gracefully’.

Leanne Wells is the chief executive of the Consumer Health Forum, Australia’s leading advocate on healthcare issues. CHF and Ms Wells have your back on a wide range of heath initiatives and developments. She explains the forum’s mission and tells why fear of catching COVID-19 should not keep you from attending regular medical appointments.

Finally YourLifeChoices IT expert Drew Patchell muscled into the line-up to warn us about the latest scam doing the rounds after the government allowed some of us early access to super. Where there’s money, there are scammers. He explains their tactics.

And if you missed last week’s episode, here it is again – episode 45 with super specialist Jeremy Duffield, Heart Foundation dietitian Sian Armstrong and horticulturist Helen Young.

Finally, happy Mother’s Day to all mums and grandmothers. Your work is never done, but take this day off.