Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 49

This week, John chats with Professor David Hayward, who has taken time out of his full, rich schedule to share what he thinks should be the government’s post-pandemic priorities. Prof. Hayward is an economist and expert commentator on policy, budgets and politics and he pulls no punches when he tells what he thinks the government should do when we come out of the COVID-19 cloud.

Dr Devinder Chauhan – retinal ophthalmologist for the Vision Eye Institute – joins John to talk about Macula Month and why it’s so important that you keep your eye on your optical health. Dr Chauhan discusses macula degeneration, whether it can be avoided and what you can do to stave it off or treat it.

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Finally, we’re joined by the CEO of Leading Age Services Australia, Sean Rooney, who reveals how aged care residents really feel about lockdown and social distancing (you might be surprised!), how aged care is setting new standards in care and the silver linings he’s noticed during the coronavirus crisis.

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