Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 7

Publisher Kaye Fallick and ‘Deeksie’, TV and radio presenter John Deeks, present our weekly podcast, Mind Your Own Retirement in which we will discuss your retirement income, share handy travel tips and help make everything more affordable for you. So grab a cuppa and have a listen.

Episode 7 – Sunday 4 August 2019

YourLifeChoices’ Mind Your Own Retirement podcast aims to make retirement – and every day – fun, with guidance from YourLifeChoices’ specialists and writers. In episode seven, Deeksie and Kaye chat with Challenger’s chairman of retirement income, Jeremy Cooper, who offers his take on your No.1 concern – running out of money.

Also, the Australian head of Destination Canada, Donna Campbell, explains why you really should travel to Newfoundland and Labrador – whether you have a penchant for Viking history, fjords, ocean cruising and icebergs or not. And Kaye reveals what she thought of the latest hit musical wowing audiences in Melbourne, Come From Away, which, co-incidentally, is set in Newfoundland.

Janelle, meanwhile, outlines what she learnt from a YourLifeChoices sleep poll and her extensive research into how our sleep patterns change as we age. If you’re after better shut-eye, she may be able to help. And for those who want more and have missed previous episodes, catch up here.