Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Other ‘-isms’ are banned, why do we tolerate ageism?

Host John Deeks and publisher Leon Della Bosca speak with Fiona Jewell about ageism and prejudices

Q&A: Unlocking the capital in your home

Do you need a retirement specialist in your life?

Q&A: What can you do to limit your risk of bone breakages?

We discuss the risks associated with bone breakages and share a tool to help you.

Challenging times and financial advice

Aaron Minney explains why it is important for all retirees to have a financial planner.

How we hide from the truth

We speak with Hugh Mackay about his book, The Inner Self, which is about the ways we hide from

Talking bowls with Barrie Lester

YourLifeChoices spoke with bowls champion Barrie Lester about a series of informative videos for

Taking care of your eyes during COVID

Dr Peter Murphy explains how tele optometry may help you during the pandemic.

The economy for retirees

In Mind Your Own Retirement, co-hosts John Deeks and Kaye Fallick talk with The Australia Institute

Best Indigenous tourism experiences in the sunshine state

Shelley Winters guides us through the best Indigenous tourism experiences in Queensland.

Building your wealth with the slow and steady approach

How 'being a tortoise' works and the results Gary Stone's investment system has delivered.

Why you should not put your health on hold

Are your underlying health needs being ignored during the current pandemic?

The six best super funds for allocated pensions

Deeksie and Kaye talk with SuperRatings boss Kirby Rappell about preservation age, drawdowns and

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