Holiday in isolation

Leon Della Bosca: How are you John?

John: I’m not very well, thank you. Why, I’m not happy. 

LDB: Why aren’t you happy, John?

JD: Because I was going to go to Japan.

LDB: Ah yeah, you were

JD: My son was going to go to China then to Las Vegas.

LDB: You couldn’t have picked better places to not go.

JD: Exactly. But you know, I’m lucky that I actually had the option of doing that, so I thought I’d see Australia first and go somewhere local.

LDB: Well, John, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

JD: Go ahead.

LDB: And it’s the safest place to travel at the moment. It’s staying home. 

JD: Is Mona open? Is Mona open down in Tassie?  I must find out. I’m sure it will be cause I want to drive around Tassie.

LDB: Umm Mona is closed I believe. All of my favourite places have closed down for a little while but, you know, sensibly so I suppose.

JD: Is that why you’ve grown a beard?

LDB: [Laugh] You know, it’s because I planned to do some self-isolation and hide a little bit.

JD: So what advice do you bring?

LDB: Okay, so it is a little something we call ‘staycations’.Now you saying you want to go to Japan or you were going to go to Japan. You could probably bring a little bit of Japan home with you, the form of a staycation. You’ve got a kimono John?

JD: No, but our producer Ian, his wife is Japanese, so maybe I could stay at their place for a while?

LDB: Borrow a kimono at least. Yeah, okay so we call them staycations and it’s basically having a holiday at home. It’s setting up your house to be, sort of a, let’s say a special space. A space a little bit different from what it normally is.

You’d do a little bit of mood lighting, a little bit of decoration, maybe a little bit of, you know, organizing beforehand. Oh, he’s giving me that look [Laugh]

JW: I’m a bit troubled by the mood lighting [LAUGH]

JD: Get some scented candles out?

LDB: This sounds like our sex tips segment a few months ago doesn’t it? [Laughs]

JW: Is this a staycation or ‘sexcation’?

JD: Now, keep going, keep digging.

LDB: Is that going to be that kind of staycation is it John? Um, so I thought I’d sort of just, you know, give you a few tips on how to prepare for a staycation.

JW: I would need tips because I think I would find it really… I think you’d have to be quite disciplined to have a staycation. Do you ignore the lawn mowing?

JD: You only have a bottle a day of wine.

JW: Ah 0kay. All right.

LDB: That’s a mini break then, isn’t it?

JW: But not a staycation then you’ve got to have champers for brekky don’t you? And Guinness for lunch?

LDB: Highly Advisable. Mimosas for breakfast. I don’t mind the odd beer and breakfast burger for breakfast on a staycation.

JD: Oh goodness gracious. This is not being very helpful.

LDB: Oh come on. It’s a little bit of fun.

JW: Give us your tips Leon.

LDB: Firstly, set a date just like any other holiday.

JW: Easy!

LDB: Set a date, right?

JD: You’re going away on the 14th.

LDB: And that’s the next point. Tell everyone you’re going away on the 14th and you’re not going to be back till the 18th. Just turn off your mobile phones.

JD: Oh where are going Leon?

LDB: I live in, I’m going to Elfen Tonia. 

JD: Okay. Okay. Where is that? 

LDB: That’s for me to know and you to find out once I’ve come back.

JD: Fair enough.

JW: Do I need to park the car around the corner?

LDB: I reckon. Why not? Then you’ve got all that, you know, you look outside and you think, Oh, there’s that driveway, but don’t think you have to mow it because that’s the next point I’m going to make is get ready for it. 

Turn your house into a sort of an accommodation space. You know, you go to a hotel if you want to, you know, maybe lash out and buy some nice sheets or something that are a little bit different, you know, do your bed a little bit differently. 

Pop some choccies on the pillows; maybe a bottle of wine on each pillow. Make sure your house is clean, your lawns are mowed, it looks good, and you don’t have to think about chores while you’re on your staycation. 

JW: Throw the dog a bone and just sort of let him go for four days.

JD: Yeah. Sounds like my marriage.

LDB: This is the sort of hotel you can bring your dog to, you know.

JW: Oh okay.

LDB: Bring your dog on holiday. Maybe, maybe change her colour, put a little ribbon in their hair, whatever.

JW: I’m on board. I’m with you.

LDB: This is great. All right. So you’re letting your friends and family know you’re away. You’ve got your house prepared. Now switch off. Disconnect your phones or put them on do not disturb and you know, you can still allow those 

very close to you to still get through if you need to, but…

JD: No roaming charges.

LDB: No roaming charges. See, you’re saving money while being on holiday at the same time. Then while you’re on your staycation, you can sort of plan for some activities. You know, you’ve got some nice fun board games for two or four, 

or however many people are going to be on your staycation with you. Maybe you’ve gone out and bought things, you’ve themed your meals, your munchies, you know, you’ve got some special things you wouldn’t usually have, 

but maybe you’d only have on holiday, croissants or, sushi maybe, or you can order in.  There’s that wonderful sort of thing called Uber eats, which is probably going to be doing amazing business at the moment 

JW: Sushi and Saki.

LDB: That’s right. Sushi and Saki or Asahi. You know, maybe change the sort of things that you drink and the things that you do. If you just have instant coffee, maybe get some filtered coffee or, or you know…..

JW: Lash out.

LDB: Exactly.

JW: Make it special.

LDB: Make it a little bit special. Some things to do while you’re on your staycation. There are about 20 virtual museums you could visit together at the moment. If you’ve got a smart TV or you could do it on a computer.

JW: I think you can do that. Mona is one.

LDB: Yes. You can go through the Louvre and all sorts of places…virtually.  You can still go for a wander down the park, maybe jump on your bike. You could do one of my favourite things and read a book. 

Because when do you have time to just sit down and read a book for eight hours or, you know, five hours at a time?

JD: Sit in the bath.

LDB Yeah, that’s a good one.

JW: Watch a movie – in the afternoon

LDB: Sit in the bath while watching a movie.

JW: Or reading a book.

LDB: And this is one thing I think is kind of cool is, you know, there’s always something, you go ‘oh I’d love to do that one day’. I’d love to learn that hobby. Ah, you know, I’ve watched someone crochet, I’ve always wanted to crochet. 

Well, why not use that excuse to learn a hobby together.

JD: That’s a great idea.

LDB: Or one of each, you know? Yeah. So, you know, um, treat yourself.

JW: It’s about preparation. Isn’t it?

LDB: Preparation. Think about it ahead like you would a holiday. Massages okay, well we make it with some nice oils for your bath. You know, you have a bath and get a bath bomb from one of the Lush stores or something like that. Make it special. Make it interesting. 

You want your scented candles. Okay. Get some scented candles.

JD: And if you have a partner well you know renew and rejuvenate your relationship.

JW: Indeed. I’m feeling more relaxed already.

JD: That’s fantastic. That’s some nice tips there Leon.

LDB: I’ve got one more tip.

JD: Go.

LDB: Don’t let anything get in the way of having the perfect staycation.

JD: Ah, the virtual Leon Della Bosca. There you go. Thank you Leon. And suddenly he just disappears into the ether. Isn’t that nice? We’ve had fun. We’ve talked to the wonderful Jean Kittson and of course, from Jonathan Brown from CHOICE  who are celebrating  60 years of choice magazine. 

How wonderful.

JW: Extraordinary.

JD: And a staycation with Leon Della Bosca our travel guru. Thank you so much Janelle Ward for being here today.

JW: It’s been entertaining as always.

JD: All right, and we’ll see you folks next time for our next episode of Mind Your Own Retirement.