Podcast: Travel refund policies. How to book with confidence?

We can understand that people are tentative to book future travel. Who knows what’s happening tomorrow, let alone, next year? John Deeks and Leon discuss the delight in exploring our ‘own backyard’ and the new appreciation they have for their own state.

Adam Glezer joins the podcast to discuss the perils of cancelling travel during the pandemic. Adam has first-hand experience of being refused a refund from a travel company and decided something needed to change. Adam is now a consumer advocate for travel industry change. He says it easy to feel alone when requesting a refund and many people are experiencing significant mental or physical anguish through the stress a travel company has caused. Adam’s group, Travel Industry Issues – The Need for Change for Australians believes that Australians have a right to refund when flights and holidays are cancelled and are out of human control. Have you had issues with travel refunds during the pandemic?

You can also share your travel issues here: YourLifeChoices forum

Adam is also happy to answer your travel refund questions:

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