Posthumous pride – and how about those accessories!

Peter Leith has already lashed the funeral industry for being wasteful. Now he takes his war on waste to the next level.

Posthumous pride – and how about those accessories!

Peter Leith has already made his views on the ‘wasteful’ funeral industry very obvious. And his war on waste extends to his own person. He explains.


Griffith University has sent me such a nice letter, thanking me for bequeathing my body to its school of anatomy.

I did it, partly because, as a mean Scotsman, I have no desire to further enrich the funeral industry, but mostly to give the people in the dissecting room a chuckle or two.

I like to think that as they survey the naked splendour of my 90-plus-year-old cadaver, they will utter such words of amazement admiration and praise as: “Blimey! I didn't know they even made them like that back in those days.”

What they discover inside will be even more of a revelation. It will be like taking the cylinder head off an FJ Holden and wondering how it could still be running ‘with all that gunk in it’!

Their amazement at the bits that have already been removed will be exceeded only by their surprise at the ‘accessories’, that have, over the many years, been added.

Come to think of it, the artificial hip and the pacemaker alone will have some scrap-metal value. I’m giving them more than I realised.

Ah well, in for a penny in for a pound. Throw another seed to the canary.

Have you considered donating your body to science?  Do you have a story or an observation for Peter? Send it to and put ‘Sunday’ in the subject line.

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    2nd Feb 2020
    My personal choice would be to be wrapped in a shroud (spare the poor trees) then cremated privately. If they wish to have any sort of remembrance, then a get together with a slap-up afternoon tea, or a bit of a booze-up (their choice). Would be relatively inexpensive and much more enjoyable for them just to talk over the past - after all I've had a good innings and no real regrets, so would prefer a happy "send off".
    2nd Feb 2020
    Thank you Peter,
    and excellent idea - I had never thought of it before.
    Sorry I wont know what reactions I get when they open me up!
    At 80+ I am guessing most of it is close to my "Use By" date.
    Regards, Frank
    2nd Feb 2020
    I meant to add : ... .,,
    I already have my Coffin - a cheapy particle board one - but although it probably wont be needed if the donation goes ahead, it may still serve as a token if family need to go through the funeral motions.
    [ Another situation/reaction I will regrettably never be aware of! ]
    2nd Feb 2020
    A cremation can be arranged without a funeral.
    2nd Feb 2020
    My mother wants to do this and has it sort of organised. She has had multiple knee and hip replacements and they have not served her well recently and they tell her they are always interested to see the details of how the added bits are wearing.
    3rd Feb 2020
    Yes I have and my Mother also did this --

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