No place to hide

Recently a YOURLifeChoices member wrote in telling us about when applying for a local council parking permit he was asked, “Why do you need a parking permit, when you have a parking spot in your backyard?”

With the implementation of services such as Google Maps, which provide a view of your backyard and house to anyone in the world, it is no wonder that local councils and government are using this to consider applications for parking and building permits.

The use of this type of technology has gone beyond what anyone has expected in my opinion and I am sure it is only a matter of time until it expands even further. Just wait another couple of years and I am sure we will be able to take a virtual tour of our own backyard, another scary thought, but if I had told you two years ago, that you could type in your street address and see your house from the outside, you would have called me crazy!

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald linked below, tells us how the City of Sydney council has contracted a group to make a similar product, inner Sydney aerial maps which provide a 3D life-like simulation. This system will be used by town planners to zoom in on areas of the city and simulate the impact on surrounding areas if a 30-storey building was built in an area for example. This might offer a more practical use for this type of technology.

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