How to make better use of your hotel toiletries

Those free hotel toiletries can do a lot more than sit in the bottom of your drawer.

hotel toiletries

Hotels often supply you with toiletries and other bits and bobs as part of your room fee. So, don’t just leave them there or take them home and stuff them in a drawer – put them to good use!

Here are a few things you can do with those free goodies:

Give them to a homeless person
Grab the lot of those toiletries, sewing kits and free bits and hand them to the first homeless person you see. You may be afraid of their reaction, but more often than not, they will be readily accepted and much appreciated.

Use them in your guest bathroom
Hotel toiletries can be quite fancy, so if you have a guest bathroom, or even if you have friends staying over for the weekend, you could offer them fine, sample-sized soaps, shampoos and conditioners to make their stay a bit more special.

Give them as gifts
My aunty travels a lot and when she comes home, she’s always giving us showbags of the free things she picks up along her journey. And we love it!

Or, when Christmas comes around, you could stuff in some of those deluxe mini lotions and potions with other presents, or wrap a few of them up and give them as cute little gifts.

Sell them
Some of the finer hotels will offer free Aesop, Le Labo, or other high-end brands that you could probably sell online.

Donate them to charity
In Australia, there’s a fantastic charity called Pinchapoo that takes donations of hotel toiletries and other goods, such as body care, razors, lotions, sanitary bags, hair care, and toothbrushes. It will take pretty much anything so long as it hasn’t been used.

So go on – nick those bits and pieces and put them to good use!



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    17th Jun 2017
    A neighbor's child had to go into hospital so we bought a pretty facewasher, picked up an 'as new' wet pack from the local charity shop, then filled it with hotel samples. She instantly went from dreading the visit to eagerly anticipating it. It brought back memories of when showbags actually had useful stuff in them. You could play shop with the miniature bottles of Rosella Tomato Sauce, etc., from a Four Square Grocery showbag for the next year.
    18th Jun 2017
    Good idea. Something to feel special.
    19th Jun 2017
    Also good to pass on to Women's Refuges - as these women and their children have usually had to leave everything behind - and would welcome some nice toiletries I am sure.
    19th Jun 2017
    I am a nurse and give mine to the hospital I work at. When someone is brought to hospital at short notice, we have a supply of toiletries to help them out until theirs arrive. Other nurses kindly donate them to the hospital also
    19th Jun 2017
    That's very kind jmbaker - some people don't have family or friends to bring in these toiletries. :)
    19th Jun 2017
    Sell them on line !!! that's a bit rude...hospitals and refuges or homeless people would be a better idea
    20th Jun 2017
    Unfortunately I cannot tolerate those harsh chemical odours (masquerading as 'fragrance') so I always leave the hotel toiletries untouched. Not wanting to get my luggage contaminated with these chemicals I am not inclined to 'tealeaf' them either. Sometimes I may knock off the shower cap, I don't think they have yet worked out how to load them up with 'fragrance'.
    20th Jun 2017
    Throw them in the rubbish bin as they are full of chemical crap, REAL good for your health like most toiletries !!!!!
    20th Jun 2017
    I collect and use most of the toiletries from hotels, but have found that the shampoos make an ideal detergent for small amounts of garment washing. Usually smells nice, and the conditioner can also be used as a fabric softener. They seldom find their way home!

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