Qatar versus Qantas

Heading to Europe? Here’s why you may want to choose Qatar over Qantas.

Qatar versus Qantas

Usually, when I book a long haul flight overseas my first instinct is to go with an Australian airline. This generally means I’ll end up booking with Qantas – to frequent flyer points if nothing else.

However, this time I flew to Europe with Qatar Airways. My experience was so good I felt the need to share it. Here’s why I would now recommend choosing Qatar Airways over Qantas if you’re headed to Europe.

While every flight varies, I’ve found it impossible to not notice that the comfort of Qantas’ planes is a bit behind the eight ball. Qatar Airways, on the other hand, uses modern planes, including state-of-the-art A380s on the second leg from Doha to Europe.

Its planes are clean, with comfortable seats and more leg room than I have experienced with Qantas. The Qatar Airways planes on both legs were well equipped with power points to charge your devices, thick warm blankets – unlike the thin ones you often get on Qantas – and the bathrooms even had a small range of toiletries for freshening up.

There is something very comforting about being attended to by a fellow Australian. However, in saying that, it was impossible to fault the Qatar Airways staff. Right from the get-go at the airport, the staff were polite and nothing was too much trouble. I had some excess baggage and rather than make a fuss they turned a blind eye.

The service onboard was no different. The crew were always available and willing to help in anyway they could. While looking after a flight full of passengers must be very stressful at times, it never showed through their constant care and politeness.

Clearly, service is entirely dependent on the individual. However, Qantas staff can often have a more laid-back approach to customer service and sometimes even be downright rude. Qatar Airways service was up there with some of the best I’ve experienced across a range of airlines.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find flying stressful even when nothing is wrong. Qatar Airways stopover in Doha, is an extremely new and state-of-the-art airport. While we had less than an hour and a half in transit, a situation that could have been very stressful, it was a breeze thanks to how well-organised the airport and Qatar Airways are.

Personnel were available throughout the airport, which was also well signed. The gates are divided into zones based on where you’re seated on the plane – to make boarding as simple as possible. Qatar Airways metaphorically holds your hand throughout the entire transit process –a process which can sometimes be extremely daunting, even for experienced travellers.

Ok this is where Qantas, and probably any other airline, comes out on top. The food on Qatar Airways was nothing to write home about and, honestly, rather difficult to swallow.

While there are many meal options you can pre-book for various dietary requirements, I had been warned not to expect big things when it came to the food. Accurate advice. The food was dry and tasteless, and I ended up feeling quite hungry a number of times during the flight.

Qantas’ food, on the other hand, is consistently of a very high standard, with well-thought options and snacks.

So there you have it. If you’re concerned about comfort and service, I cannot recommend Qatar Airways highly enough. However, if food is an integral part of flying for you, perhaps you should still call Qantas home?


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    14th Mar 2015
    30kg baggage allowance for Qatar Airways in Economy. A big plus.
    14th Mar 2015
    14th Mar 2015
    This past week i came to Europe on Qantas/Emirates. Qantas was fantastic thru to Dubai. They seem to have picked up their buzz and all is working smoothly maybe due to the staff seeing the airline is making a buck. The food in economy was outstanding- hot, generous proportions and they've got rid of the fiddly single-serve packaging for everything....pre- buttered warm roll as a example. They made me feel proud of the again. Of course you'd always like a little more room but at the price I paid, the package was exceptional, including 30 kg. As I'm returning via New Delhi on Air India....wish me luck!
    14th Mar 2015
    I don't know about Qatar airways, but I traveled Emirates airlines to Dubai twice and very disappointed both times with their service. On a 14 hour flight, they served one meal at the start and a breakfast after ten hours, nothing in between. Nobody even attends to your calls if you would like to get a drink.
    fish head
    14th Mar 2015
    Johnny, if that meal was at the start of a "dark" night flight you are expected to sleep THEN you are ready for breakfast. And before anyone jumps on me for using the 'sleep' word, it is easier than it was and an international flight is no longer a progression of food at 4 hourly intervals, thank goodness. I alway felt like the Xmas goose in those days.Besides which you can always go to the gallery and ask the crew
    instead of pushing a button.
    14th Mar 2015
    Has anyone flown with Lufthansa?, there you will find service !! no matter what time of day !
    14th Mar 2015
    As a very regular traveller on Qantas long haul I have to come to their defence. Their planes, 380's, are modern, clean and well maintained. The luggage allowance has been 30Kgs for quite some time now and I'm not keen to fly with an airline that will "turn a blind eye" to excess weight! But the final decision for me is always the cabin staff. Australian staff are friendly and capable, efficient and helpful. I would feel much happier in their hands in an emergency. I think you should give Qantas another go.
    16th Mar 2015
    my wife and i have travelled extensively around the world and australia. it is a rare moment and a time for celebrations if you receive decent service on qantas.

    Also, qantas are always that little more expensive than other airlines.
    17th Mar 2015
    I have also found Qantas staff to be rather offhand to their customers. Too long in the job for some of them I would suggest. They need to be reminded that it is the customer who pay their wages; if they are sick of the job then get out.

    Have always found Cathay Pacific, Singapore airlines staff more accommodating towards their passengers.
    Kaye Fallick
    17th Mar 2015
    Interesting comparison SJ - but i must say i am a great fan of Cathay - brilliant service and fabulous food - the daily double!

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