Queen hates selfies

The Queen is said to find it “strange” that she sees nothing but the back of mobile phones when she looks up.

Queen hates selfies

If you’re fed up with the growing trend of taking selfies, then you’re in good company, with the Queen herself said to find it “strange” that she sees nothing but the back of mobile phones when she looks up. Is it time to put our mobile phones down and see what’s really going on in the world?

As reported in the UK’s The Telegraph, her majesty, Queen Elizabeth, has told the US ambassador, Matthew Barzun, that she essentially misses eye contact when meeting crowds.

Last year, while on a tour of the revamped Broadcasting House in London, home to the BBC, the Queen’s courtiers were said to be dismayed at the number of BBC staff using phones and tablets to take photos of the Queen, rather than looking directly at their guest. The height of bad manners apparently.

Do you think that we should put down our phones and see what’s really going on in the world? Or do you consider it great that we have technology which can capture such special moments in an instant?


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    4th Sep 2014
    For sure - it is becoming nuisance value now - especially with the news and picture tis morning of a Policeman standing to take a 'selfie' and the poor man they had gone to help prevent jumping, plunges to his death behind him - sickening! It seems to be becoming a cult.,
    4th Sep 2014
    I agree!! The whole mobile phone thing by itself is totally out of control. Remember when we phoned or visited someone to talk to them?

    But how cool was it when the Queen photo bombed someone else's selfie??!! What a brilliant lady she is!!


    4th Sep 2014
    From my observations manners are something that I believe the majority of parents do not know about and are certainly not teaching their children.

    If I was a mother today there is no way I would allow mobile phones at the dining table while eating. It is, to me the extremely rude to be taking phone calls while you are eating your meal in the company of others.

    Heard recently about a wealthy guy eating a meal in a restaurant with another man and he was constantly taking phone calls. He eventually leant across, grabbed the mobile phone and stuck it into the water jug and walked out and said "just send me the bill for the phone."
    4th Sep 2014
    I am afraid my mobile phone is only a mobile phone which is used in emergencies when away from home , It does not take photos or anything fancy
    5th Sep 2014
    Same goes for me.
    fish head
    4th Sep 2014
    I can see the use of a mobile photo in an emergency situation - street attack, dangerous behaviour behind the wheel - when a person's life is at risk. But for the life of me, I cannot see the purpose of all the photo taking of strangers at large. Press photographers have a lot to answer for sticking lens in people's faces without permission. It's is rudely intrusive and not at all surprising that some stressed people react - violently. Who wants a mobile jammed in your face?
    4th Sep 2014
    My mobile phone is just that and is only used when I have to Just wish everyone elses was as well
    5th Sep 2014
    Mobile phone has its advantages. I use mine for emergencies. But 'selfies'.....it's getting boring . I don't really see why people are taking photos of themselves every second of the day ,good and bad .....and posting them online unless they want their 5 minutes of fame, but what for? I'd rather these people do something spectacular of benefit to society.
    11th Sep 2014
    I agree. The trend to 'selfies' is very bad. We humans need to be far less self-absorbed. We used to laugh at Japanese tourists because they spent all their time photographing things and seeming never to enjoy the real thing. We thought that was absurd. Well, now all our younger people seem to have joined the Japan club.
    31st Oct 2014
    It brings to memory when traveling on holidays and a lot of people instead of enjoy the journey keep filming and taking photos and see nothing. What a waste of money and time...

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