What’s your dog’s body language saying?

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While our four-legged friends may not be able to communicate directly with us through speech, they do share how they’re feeling via their body language. But sometimes we owners can misread or misinterpret our dog’s mood.

For example, most of us know that when our pet’s tail is tucked under their body they’re scared. But if their tail is pointing upwards, are they being aggressive or feeling playful? The answer is both. There are only subtle differences between the either of these two states.

These eight images from Modern Dog magazine illustrate the most common feelings dogs have and the associated expressions and body language.

What’s your experience with understanding your dog’s body language? Do you find that it’s easy to read how your dog’s feeling?


Image source: Modern Day


Image source: Modern Dog


Image source: Modern Dog

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Dominant aggression


Image source: Modern Dog

Fearful aggression

Image source: Modern Dog

Fearful/ worried


Image source: Modern Dog

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Stressed/ distressed

Image source: Modern Dog

Extreme fear/ submission

Image source: Modern Dog

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Written by Lucy


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    You haven’t mentioned the “I would really like some of what you are eating stare”.
    The “three spin rotation before a pooh” stance.
    The “snuggle the bottom into a comfortable sitting alert position to do the tennis spectator watch of the people walking passed the house” stance.
    The “two front feet dance of excitement when they see you through the glass on your return.”
    The ” stare at an object out of reach then look at you” oscillation with a small pathetic whimper” stance.
    The playful presentation of a gift when they want to play or go for a walk then sit and wait dolefully stance.
    The “nuzzling of your hand or thigh to receive a cuddle” stance. ….shall I continue…nope…he needs a walk.



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