Scaloppine al Marsala

For a true taste of Sicily try these traditional veal escalopes in Marsala wine.

Ingredients (serves 2)
250g of veal slices
A knob of butter
Glass of dry Marsala wine 
Salt and pepper to taste

Tenderise the slices of veal and sprinkle with flour. Season veal with salt and pepper and then cook veal slowly in a frying pan with the butter.
When veal is cooked, remove from frying pan and cover with tin foil to keep warm.
Pour the Marsala wine into the frying pan and stir until the wine and meat juices combine and thicken.
Put the meat on a plate, pour the sauce over it and serve with seasonal vegetables.

Fun fact: an escalope is a piece of boneless meat which has been flattened and thinned out, usually with a mallet or rolling pin. This helps the meat to cook more quickly and is useful when preparing fast meals.

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