Sherry Trifle

On a hot summer night there’s no nicer way to finish the meal than with the delicious mix of custard, cream, sponge, fruit and jelly that together make a trifle. Oh, and don’t forget the sherry – it’s the magic ingredient.


2 packets of sponge rolls, jam-filled, and cut into 2cm slices
2 tins of mandarins (300g), drained, reserve ½ cup of juice
½ cup of sweet sherry
Port wine jelly (packet)
Custard (see below)
Whipped cream
Custard ingredients
2/3 cup custard powder
2/3 cup brown sugar
3 cups milk
1 egg
Vanilla essence


Mix custard powder (2/3 cup) with milk (1/2 cup) with sugar (2/3 cup) in saucepan, add rest of milk, slowly stir over low heat until mixture thickens. Cook for two minutes, then remove from heat. Add one well beaten egg and teaspoon vanilla essence. Leave to cool.

Make port wine jelly following instructions on packet, set in refrigerator.

To assemble trifle
Line a large glass bowl with the slices of sponge rolls, then layering from bottom the mandarin slices, left over sponge slices, and set, diced jelly. Pour over the cup of mixed mandarin liquid and sherry. Cover mixture with cold custard, then whipped cream, and finally a handful of chopped toasted almond flakes.
Delicious when served with a sauterne