Five-Minute Eton Mess

Served each year at the old boys’ school’s annual prize-giving picnic, there’s nothing stuffy about this delightful summer dessert

500g berries, can be fresh, frozen or from a tin
2 tsp caster sugar (even better, vanilla sugar, i.e. sugar stored in a jar with a vanilla pod)
500ml whipping cream or ice cream
4 x small meringue nests

This couldn’t be simpler. If using cream, whip it and place in a bowl, or simply place the ice cream in a bowl if you prefer the cooler option. Add 400g of berries and crunch the meringue nests into the bowl. Mix together, split between four bowls and decorate with the remaining berries.

If there’s no schoolboys about and to give it an extra kick, soak your berries briefly in some champagne, or serve on the side.

The perfect, and very speedy, summer dessert