Dietary advice wanted

Coping with food intolerances can be a challenge but when you’re unsure of exactly what you can and can’t eat, it becomes even more difficult. Subscriber Jan is looking for some recipe advice which can help her manage an allergy to commercial preservatives.

Q. Jan

I am asking advice about recipes please as I am finding more and more supermarket foods are not suitable for me. I have been advised I have numerous food allergies, which are mainly nitrate and sulphate (preservatives in most commercial products). Reactions to these substances have caused me to spend many nights in emergency wards with heart problems.

I am also a diet-controlled diabetic although I haven’t had to change anything as I have been eating healthily for years.

Biscuits, custards, mayonnaise, sauces, gravy, bread, dried fruit, cheese, yogurt, fruit juices, concentrates, frozen foods and any product containing flour, as well as anything that has a reasonable shelf life, are out as all have these additives. Not all tinned food is free of additives either.

So, could I ask your assistance for suitable recipes?

Do you suffer similar dietary problems to Jan? Can you help with recipes which would accommodate her allergies?