Beer, damper and pan fried kangaroo!

This is the YOURLifeChoices version of a recipe we first discovered from the Kangeroo Industry Association of Australia website. It’s a delicious combination of all the Aussie staples – our national emblem, the kangaroo, beer and damper cooked in the camp fire.

Kangaroo with beer glaze and damper

Kangaroo fillets (one per person)
Plain flour for coating
Olive oil
Knob of butter
Cracked pepper
One can or stubbie of beer (not light)
Fresh herbs if available

Light the campfire if weather conditions and local authorities permit.
Place a small dribble of olive oil and butter in pan and melt.
Add floured kangaroo fillets, crushed garlic and cracked pepper and sear on both sides for a couple of minutes. Remove from pan, keep warm. Deglaze pan with beer, stir and allow to simmer until syrupy. Place fillets back in pan, snip fresh herbs such as chives or parsley over the top, and serve with Deirdre’s damper to mop up the sauce – oh, and another beer if that’s your preference. If not, a nice South Australian shiraz could be the go!

Deidre’s Damper

2 cups self raising flour
pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups milk
1tsp sugar
a handful of raisins if you like…


Sift the flour and salt into a bowl and then add the sugar and enough of the milk to create dough. Shape into a flat ball and place on a greased and floured oven tray. Brush top with milk or beaten egg glaze if desired. If you’re a city slicker, bake in preheated oven at 210 Celcius for 25–30 minutes.

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