Exotic Pork Patties

With a few clever twists, Pamela’s Exotic Pork Patties are cheap and cheerful and add zest to a meal-time classic.

Serves 2


100g spinach
1 small onion
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
10g fresh ginger
Zest from half a small lemon
1 teaspoons chopped fresh sage or half tsp dried sage
1 slice bread
1 tablespoons strained Greek yoghurt
250g lean minced pork
4 whole sage leaves
4 tablespoons polenta
Lemon wedges to serve


Place the spinach into a large pan of boiling, salted water and cook for 2 minutes until or until the spinach starts to wilt. Drain, cool and squeeze out all the water and then chop the spinach.
Peel and chop your onion finely. Place the onion in a frying pan with 1 tablespoon of oil and soften while you grate or finely chop the ginger (peeled). Finely chop the lemon zest. Stir the ginger into the soft onion with the chopped sage and lemon zest and cook for one minute.
Blitz the bread to make crumbs and stir the yoghurt into the crumbs in a mixing bowl. Crumble the pork into the mixing bow and scatter the onion and spinach in with it. Use your hands to mix and mulch, then divide the mixture into quarters. Form each quarter into 2 little patties, flattening between your hands, transferring to a plate as you go.
Heat the remaining oil and quickly fry the sage leaves. Lift on to a kitchen paper to drain and crisp. Spread the polenta out on a plate. Press the patties into the polenta and shake away excess. Fry in batches for 2 minutes a side until nicely browned. Rest on kitchen paper to drain before serving with lemon edges and fried sage leaves.

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