Peppered chilli lamb

This delicious peppered lamb stir-fry has quite a kick of chilli, so if spicy food is not your preference then simply skip the chilli.

Serves 2


  • 250g lamb leg steaks, thinly sliced
  • 1 tablespoon potato flour
  • 1 tablespoon rice wine
  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced
  • 1 red chilli, cut into thin rings
  • 1 green chilli, cut into thin rings
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • Cracked black pepper
  • 1/4 cup chicken stock
  • 2 teaspoons soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon oyster sauce
  • 1 tablespoon cornflour
  • 1/3 cup fresh coriander, chopped


In a small bowl, mix together the flour, rice wine and soy sauce. Add in the lamb and marinate for 20 minutes.

Heat half the oil in a wok and cook the lamb for two minutes. Set to one side.

Heat the remaining oil. Stir fry the onions, chillies, garlic and cracked pepper. Add in the lamb with the stock, soy and oyster sauces and combine. Mix the cornflour with some water to make a paste and add to the mixture until it thickens.

Serve sprinkled with coriander leaves.

Written by Andrea