Fabulous Fish Pie

Fish pie is a creamy and delicious alternative to frying your fish and potatoes

Fish Pie Potato Skins

Individual fish pies encased in crisp potato skins and topped with cheese.

Fish and Chips

Our fresh, oven baked fish'n'chips are low fat and tasty, so why not treat yourself?

Thai Fish Cakes by Louise Fulton Keats

Try our Tasty Thai Fish Cakes tonight!

Michelle Bridges’ Fish Kebabs with Green Leaf Salad

A fun fish twist on the classic kebab.

Michelle Bridges’ Grilled Fish with Herbed Vegie ‘Couscous’

We're urged to eat fish several times a week and this simple recipe is tasty and easy.

Fish Casserole

This healthy and fulfilling Fish Casserole is a great way to feed the entire family.

Salmon and Herb Butter

A super salmon dish perfect for fish Friday.

Light Salmon Quiche – so simple and so healthy

Looking for a healthy meal to serve as a light lunch or whip up for a quick dinner?

Fabulous Fish Curry

Our Fish Curry has a touch of spice to warm you up on a cold night.

Mini Frittatas

These Mini Frittatas are oh so easy to make.

Sweet Potato and Tuna Treats – tasty, healthy and cheap

Sweet Potato and Tuna Treats are easy to make, cheap and super tasty.

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