Party Food


Portuguese Egg Custard Tart

Try a taste of Portugal with these light and delicious egg custard tarts.

Best budget cocktails and mocktails for summer

They don't call it the silly season for nothing!

The joy of baking your own Easter buns

The joy of baking your own Easter buns - they beat supermarket every time.

Parmesan Crisps – one ingredient, two steps

Parmesan Crisps - anytime, anywhere, always delicious

Mini Savoury Scones are tasty and freeze well

A healthy option for pre-dinner snacks and canapés.

Smoked Ham and Cheddar Quichettes make a quick meal

These mini quiches with smoked ham and cheddar cheese make the perfect quick meal.

Pasta Fritta served with cured meats and cheese

Devour these fried-off pieces of pizza dough with fresh cheeses and cured meats.

Quick and Easy Tortilla Pizza

This quick and easy Homemade Tortilla Pizza is also extremely tasty.

Tomato and Basil Tart

Don't expect any leftovers.

Budget Bacon and Egg Tartlets

Nothing goes better together than bacon, egg and cheese.

Baked Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Love spring rolls but trying to avoid all that oil? Try our Baked Rice Paper Spring Rolls.

Drew’s Scotch Eggs: baked not fried

Drew's Scotch Eggs are an oven-baked version of a fried favourite.

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