Nonna’s Gnocchi

Jade Creswell’s Nonna has been making this pasta for a long time. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and delicious served with bolognaise or sage and burnt butter sauce.

6 (2.5kgs) large and fresh potatoes
1kg (net) plain flour
3–4 eggs
1/2 handful of salt

large saucepan
potato press
flat trays
material to line the trays

Making the Gnocchi
STEP 1: wash the potatoes (do not peel) and boil in large saucepan until soft
STEP 2: peel potatoes while still hot/warm
STEP 3: cut potatoes into smaller pieces
STEP 4: add one cup of plain flour evenly to a table top. Do not add too much, otherwise it will make the mixture too dry. If needed, more can be added later. STEP 5: press potato pieces in the potato press, and spread evenly over the flour on the table top.
STEP 6: add another 1/2 cup of flour on top of the pressed potato. Again, do not add too much, otherwise it will make mixture too dry. If needed, more can be added to ensure the mixture is not too wet and not too dry.
STEP 7: add three eggs on top of the potato and flour. Egg quantity should be enough to act as a glue to the mixture, but not to make it too wet. If needed, add more eggs as required.
STEP 8: add 1/2 handful of salt and kneed ingredients very well with hands to ensure ingredients are well combined.
STEP 9: Line the trays with material to place the gnocchi pieces on, so as not to stick. Sprinkle table top with plain flour so gnocchi pieces do not stick. Not too much though, or gnocchi will become too dry.
STEP 10: take a handful of the gnocchi mixture from the large dough-ball and roll it on the table top to form a long snake. Make sure more flour is regularly added to the table as needed so the dough snake does not stick.
STEP 11: take knife and cut snake into bite-sized gnocchi pieces and line the trays with gnocchi ready for cooking.
STEP 12: continue steps 10 and 11 until all dough is gone.

Cooking the Gnocchi
STEP 1: cook in a large saucepan of boiling water. Take one tray at a time to boiling water, and very gently slide the gnocchi into the water on a piece of material tray liner. Once all pieces have been lowered into water, remove the material.
STEP 2: gnocchi will sink to the bottom when added to the water. Stir occasionally. When gnocchi is cooked, it will float to the surface.
STEP 3: when gnocchi is floating, remove from the water, drain and place in a bowl ready for sauce to be added and served.
STEP 4: some recommended sauces are sage and burnt butter, or traditional bolognaise.