Tuscan Potato Gnocchi

Perfect for dinner al fresco, this Tuscan Potato Gnocchi is great for finishing off the week on a high note.

Serves 3-4

60g butter
1kilo of floury potatoes
300g plain flour
pinch of salt & pepper

Burnt Butter and Sage Sauce
40g butter
Handful or roughly torn sage leaves
½ cup shaved Parmesan cheese
½ cup of roughly chopped parsley
Squeeze of lemon juice
Salt & pepper to taste

Boil or steam unpeeled potatoes with salted water until tender.
Drain well, rub off skins, and mash until smooth.
Add butter and sufficient flour to the mashed potato to create a soft dough.
With floured hands, form dough into sausage shape and cut into small pieces.
Now roll each piece into small ball. Use prongs of a table fork to create indentation (to hold the sauce when cooked).
Bring a large saucepan of salted water to a gentle boil and slowly add small amounts of gnocchi. You will know the gnocchi is cooked when it floats to the surface – this only takes a minute or two. Remove and drain.

Burnt Butter and Sage Sauce:
Melt butter in frying pan, then add squeeze of lemon juice, and stir through. Leave on heat until the butter colours up, add the sage leaves and parsley and salt and pepper, stir through then switch off heat. Pour sauce over bowls of gnocchi and serve with
shaved parmesan.
Delicious with a crisp white wine or chilled pinot noir.