Fish and Vegetable Bake

Many believe that fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids is good for the brain. To help keep your brain healthy, Debbie shares her recipe for Fish and Vegetable Bake.

Serves 4


4 large potatoes
2 large carrots
2 bunches of broccoli
1 large red onion
1 large leek
Knob of butter
250g strong cheese, grated
4 medium sized trout fillets, or similar fish if preferred
Salt and pepper to taste


Boil potatoes and carrots until soft, steam broccoli and gently fry onion and leek.

Lightly mash potatoes, carrots and butter with a fork, keeping the texture chunky. Mix in broccoli, onion, leek and cheese.

Place fish in the bottom of a suitable baking dish, season to taste and top with vegetable mixture.

Bake in oven for 20 minutes, at 180’C and serve with a nice glass of Semillion Sauvingnon Blanc.