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Australians are urged to register on Smart Traveller before going abroad.

As the death toll in Nepal continues to rise following the devastating earthquake that hit on 25 April, the lives of nearly 350 Australians in the area are still unaccounted for.

Only 549 Australians registered their travel to Nepal on the government website Smart Traveller. The Australian Embassy in Nepal has confirmed the safety of over 200 people. However, the total number of people, including those who did not register, could be higher.

Since the disaster, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has taken more than 1400 calls from family and friends of missing Australians. The death toll in Nepal has already topped 4000 people, and humanitarian aid is flooding to the capital.

The Australian Government is working with the US and Japan on a search and rescue effort.

Australia has pledged $5 million in assistance, including $2.5 million to assist Australian non-government organisations, $2 million to support United Nations partners and $500,000 thousand to support the Australian Red Cross.

Australians travelling overseas have been urged to register their travel on, a government website designed to help locate travellers overseas in the event of an emergency. The website also provides information to travellers about travel warnings, having a safe trip and travel insurance. 


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    Waiting to retire at 70
    29th Apr 2015
    I wonder if the federal government might consider being a little proactive on this matter. After all it should save them money when it comes to embassy/consular having to try and determine if a citizen, who didn't bother to register with Smartravel, has been caught up in some overseas disaster.

    Couple of ideas:
    1. When you book an overseas flight, maybe you ticket a box approving the carrier sharing you trip data with Smartraveller (may not work if booking with an overseas based 'booking engine'), or
    2. Smartraveller might be able provide access to its data and permit an automatic check when a traveller books in for a flight at an Australian airport on their day of departure - if the passenger hasn't informed Smartraveller the booking agent could share the passengers booking reference numbers, or
    3. Set up some entry terminals at Australian airports for people to use when they realise on their day of departure, that they haven't informed Smartraveller of their overseas movements, or
    4 ...

    I'm sure there are may other low cost ways to encourage this information being left by travellers on Smartravel. It just requires a willingness, and acceptance of responsibility, on the part of travellers and the government to ensure a Smartraveller is accepted as a standard part of travelling overseas. In the same way as a completed departure card for immigration exit from Australia is.

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