Rejected Age Pension claim

Centrelink asked Bill to put in a claim for the Age Pension, only for it to be rejected. Why did this happen?

YOURLifeChoices member Bill is confused by the fact that Centrelink asked him to put in a claim for the Age Pension, only for it to be rejected. Why did this happen?

Q. Bill
I would like to know when to apply for the Age Pension. Firstly someone from Centrelink phoned me and asked me to apply. I filled out all the forms, but my claim was rejected. Centrelink phoned again and told me to apply for a Commonwealth Health Care Card. That was two months ago and I haven’t been advised if this claim has been accepted. However, I did receive a call to advise that my tax returns had been mislaid and so I resent. I will be 66 in December 2012 and have been on Work Cover benefits for 13 years.

A. From what you have told me, I can only assume that your income and assets push you over the threshold to receive an Age Pension, but that you may be eligible as a self-funded retiree to receive a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. You will have to contact Centrelink directly to find the outcome of your claim for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

To better understand how your claim for the Age Pension is processed and what factors can affect your claim, you should read the information available on  

If you do not agree with Centrelink's decision to refuse your claim for the Age Pension, you can at any time ask them to review your details. If you still disagree with its ruling, you can ask the Commonwealth Ombusdman to review your case. You can find out more at


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    21st Aug 2012
    I also had one of these forms, wasn't going to fill it in as I am not "age pension age" further reading told me if I failed to fill it in and return it my present payments would stop.
    21st Aug 2012
    All this again is f.....g BIG brother playing game with you as always, I could tell you BIG stories about those A....s.
    21st Aug 2012
    If Bill been on workcover benefits for 13 years, I doubt Very much, in fact theres no way he could be knocked back for the aged pension based on income.
    No-one gets rich on workcover benefits.
    DHS now handles the majority of claims for centrelink now, and they are still getting the system up and running, I would be ringing up and asking more questions, like what they intend to do about finding your tax return statements. If they mislaid them before assessing them, how can they knock U back.
    I'd be inclined to ring up and ask what has happened to your application
    21st Aug 2012
    Many years ago, I worked in various Commonwealth Government Departments - including what is now called Centrelink.

    There are three things involved for Bill - the claim for pension, the delay in receiving his Commonwealth health Care Card (given to self-funded seniors), and his taxation return.

    Regarding the pension - I would guess that Bill has failed either the income or assets test (you have to be eligible under both). There are other reasons e.g. residency - but the reason for the rejection should have been advised in the rejection letter. An appointment with a Centrelink "Financial Advisor" may be useful - to see if some simple adjustments might make him eligible.

    Governments keep changing the rules - and the way Departments have to handle things. It is virtually impossible for anyone to always provide up-to-date correct information on every single thing. In such a large organisation, it is also not uncommon for paperwork to go missing - and then you have to start all over again. Advice letters are computer generated - and therefore are sometimes less than useless in explaining the intricacies of what is happening.

    Keep copies of everything!!!!!! That means forms, letters, and any other documents. Do not let private documents out of your sight.They should be happy to photocopy everything so that you can keep copies. If you attend an interview, get the person to write down what you have been told - and get their name and signature. When lodging forms, get them to sign YOUR copy and date it. These things can save you time, money, and (sometimes) legal problems. Make sure you report any changes in your circumstances within 14 days - and get proof that that you did so.

    Remember, they are humans doing a largely thankless and lowly paid job (the "fat cats" do not work in public interface areas) - so be polite (if you are nasty or rude, you and your case may receive the bare minimum of required attention).

    Bill needs to keep contacting his local office to find out what is causing the problem or delay. If he gets the "right" person, they should be able to explain or help him with whatever is necessary to get a satisfactory result.
    23rd Aug 2012
    As a suggestion, we all have a right to appeal any decisions made by Centrelink or any other government body, as the worker does not have the final decision. I have done this in the past, and an appeal is always looked at by another person not the original person who made the decision. I did this on three occasions on one claim and the original decision was overturned finally. I say, if you feel that the original decision was incorrect, then appeal, appeal and appeal, adding further comments re the situation as you may not have provided every detail. Good luck!
    Old Gent
    26th Aug 2012
    Yes you do have a right to appeal, first to the ARO who will no doubt agree with the original decision because it was made by his work mate, so then you appeal to the SSAT, over 50% of original decisions are found to be wrong by the SSAT. If you fail at the SSAT you can appeal further up the ladder to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Please appeal any decision that C/L make that you think is wrong because C/L staff make a lot of mistakes.
    27th Apr 2013
    Is this true. I am writing this on behave of a friend.

    She moved to Australia over 31 years ago fom New Zealand. She has worked here for 31 years and became an Australian citizen. She applied for the age pension and was told to also apply for the New Zealand pension. She received it apportioned ($197 pf) for the 9 years she worked there. She received the pension. (Single person). On checking her Australian pension she found that all she was receiving was $189. On querying this with centre link she was tol that her NZ pension was here primary pension and that was all she was entitled to. This is well short of the $733pf that the top age pension is. One can understand that the NZ pension would be subtracted from this but what is not understood after working for 9 years in NZ and 31 years in Aus and being an Australian citizen can this sort of thing be determined by centre link.

    24th May 2013
    Bill dident get his pension because Workcover goes on until you are 66 years old,thats if he was on a weekly payment,Bob Carr fixed that when i lived in NSW,Carr is a mongrel and lacky for the insurance companies.

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