The Bonnie Doon bungalow from The Castle is available on Airbnb

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Without a doubt, The Castle is one of the best Australian films ever made. Now you can have your brush with fame and stay at The Kerrigan’s castle in Bonnie Doon.

Yep, the Bonnie Doon bungalow in north-east Victoria is available for rent on Airbnb.

It sleeps six people and features a retro-style kitchen, bunk beds, board games and memorabilia from the film. It’s also got a pool room with space for two more guests.

the castle pool room

In fact, it looks pretty much as it did in the movie. Con’s punching bag is still hanging from the tree out the back and Tracey’s hairdressing academy certificate adorns the wall along with a bunch of Kerrigan family photos.

the castle backyard

For skiing enthusiasts, the humble holiday home is one hour from the snowfields at Mount Bulla, while water-skiers can enjoy the smell of two-stroke as they jump the wake of a ski boat on Lake Eildon.

There’s also nature walks, horse riding, lake activities, wineries and dairy farms close by.

Why not check it out at Airbnb?

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