Key sectors of the retirement industry base their plans, projections and services on widely accepted benchmarks said to deliver ‘comfortable’ or ‘modest’ retirements. How accurate are those projections? We say, not very. Can we do better? Yes, we can – and have been since 2017.

The Retirement Affordability Index™ was created in partnership with The Australia Institute back in March 2017. The aim then, as it is now: to empower pre-retirees and retirees with accurate information about the true cost of retirement. These figures aren’t ‘assumptions’. They are specific to six retirement groups – self-funded homeowner couples and singles, homeowner couples and singles who receive a part Age Pension and couples and singles who rent and rely on the Age Pension. Cost of living changes affect each group in very specific ways.

We want to help you develop your retirement plans based on accurate information and expert guidance.