Retirement villages and renting

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Q. Simba
I do not have a house of my own and would like to get some information on retirement villages where people can rent.
I have a friend who rents a small one bed unit through the Uniting Church at Springwood NSW. I understand that you have to put your name down on a waiting list.
Do you know of other similiar organisations where I can seek the same thing. Is there a listing available Australia wide or state by state?
I gather that by law, some (or all) retirement villages have to offer something like 20% of their accommdation to people who do not have their own house and need to rent. Is this true?

A. The Retirement Village Association have lots of useful information of their website, which you can access by clicking the link below. This will give you details of all the villages that are in your area. They also have the contact details of state offices, which should be able to put you in touch with those in your area that deal with renting properties in retirement villages.

Retirement Village Association

You may wish to try the search function on the following site, which enables you to look for rental options.

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    I live in a retirement village and I am trying to find out the rules for all the different types of villages. It seems to be about the name, if it is called a retirement village rules apply if it is a residential village there are different rules. we have 30 homes in our village and the maintanence keeps increasing every year ours has just increased for 2016. I am not complaining about that but what are the rules as far as rent relief does anyone know please. We have just been told we will not get rent relief because of the value of our homes. so confusing…



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