What is your life expectancy?

Drew was shocked to learn that he is only expected to live until just 68.

With three grandparents living longer than 85 years of age, Drew was shocked to learn that, according to a life expectancy calculator, he is only expected to live until just 68. Is this accurate?

Based on factual information about life expectancy, the AMP life expectancy calculator takes into account your family history, activity and diet, habits, education and general attitude to life when estimating your life expectancy.

I was surprised, but not shocked, to learn that my expected age of death was 68. These calculators simply crunch the numbers based on what has been shown in studies to impact the age at which you’ll die. The response given by these calculators should be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, if I input the same lifestyle details, but show my current age as 68, I am told I will live a further 20 years!

Would you pay close attention to a life expectancy calculator? If you’ve used one, were you shocked by your predicted end of life age?

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    26th Mar 2013
    Coming from AMP, I would definitely NOT trust it. They're only after one thing !
    26th Mar 2013
    I would think that sentiment applies to ANY insurance company Frank.....
    26th Mar 2013
    Their Life Expectancy Calculator only goes to 69....I guess if you're over that they expect you should have already shuffled off!
    26th Mar 2013
    Oddly enough they say I am to live till 93?? I think their system is broke haha.
    26th Mar 2013
    Don't think I can afford to live to eighty-five !!
    26th Mar 2013
    Just did the calculator which says I will live to 73! Bugger I'm already 76! What a load of crap!
    26th Mar 2013
    That's why there is a 69 year limit ! However you should be happy you've beaten the "bell"
    27th Mar 2013
    what difference does it make .it says hey joe blog you will live to 68 and you are 67 when it comes it comes so enjoy life. it it full of surprises.! have a nice day,(besides you won,t know know)
    27th Mar 2013
    It is amazing how long you can live if you stay out of the hands of the medical system and drug companies.
    27th Mar 2013
    Told me I will live to 100, haha
    27th Mar 2013
    Official Australian government reports reveal that preventable medical error in hospitals is responsible for 11% of all deaths in Australia, which is about 1 of every 9 deaths. If deaths from properly researched, properly registered, properly prescribed and properly used drugs were added along with preventable deaths due to private practice it comes to a staggering 19%, which is almost 1 of every 5 deaths.
    27th Mar 2013
    LOL Oh how funny is this. Tried the life link Drew. When I stopped laughing I thought I would share my long life with you. 106YEARS. AMP must be seeking insurance business. My already funeral policy with APIA will be worthless, I only have a $10grand funeral policy. In 30years it will cost a lot more for the funeral.LOL.
    27th Mar 2013
    It looks like I'm going to out-live my mum who nearly made it to 90 some weeks ago. The calculator says 97 for me. Poor Drew though. I think he had better change some of his bad habits. Come join us at dancing or aerobics or zumba or the gym. I fit these all in with part-time work. I'm determined to last the distance on my feet, whatever it may be.
    27th Mar 2016
    No one knows how long they are going to live. Not doctors or calculators can ever really tell you People need to live life to the full while they are able to on this earth.
    23rd Jul 2016
    What a load of rubbish - I have a chronic disease and there were absolutely no questions relating to this type of thing
    almost midnight
    16th Feb 2017
    89? oh well, I die poor! but it will be fun before then!'

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