Claiming the Pension Bonus

Can Chris make a retrospective claim under the Pension Bonus Scheme?

Claiming the Pension Bonus

Chris has only found out about the Pension Bonus Scheme and having recently retired, would like to know if she can make a retrospective claim.

Q. Chris

I have only recently found out about the Pension Bonus scheme. I retired in October last year at age 68. Is it too late to register now and claim payments?

A. The Pension Bonus Scheme pays a tax-free lump sum to those who have continued to work past Age pension eligibility age and who have deferred claiming an Age Pension. Unfortunately, registrations for the scheme closed on 30 June 2014, so, therefore, it is too late to register.

Find out more about the Pension Bonus Scheme

The Pension Bonus Scheme was replaced by the Work Bonus, which exempts the $250 of fortnightly employment income from the Age Pension income test. For those who undertake seasonal work, or do not have a regular employment income, any unused portion – up to $6500 – can be banked and used when needed. This means you may still be eligible for an Age Pension while continuing to work.

Find out more about the Work Bonus.


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    Please PLEASE PLEASE get rid of ads that constantly flicker or run like videos. They are so distracting it is impossible to concentrate on the desired article and USE UP MY LIMITED DATA. This is offensively intrusive and entirely COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.
    28th Apr 2015
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    28th Apr 2015
    First of all bring politicians pensions and means test in line with all of us
    Second stop attacking the tac payers and start putting the younger generation to work instead of allowing them to sit on there behinds playing video games all day
    Problem solved less violence.less drug and alcohol
    abuse less jails

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