Age Pension: will my super be assessed?

Will Paul’s superannuation pensions have an effect on his Age Pension?

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Paul has superannuation pensions in different forms and would like to know if they will be assessed under the income and asset test when he applies for an Age Pension.

Q. Paul

I have two superannuation funds and I’m wondering how each will affect my claim for an Age Pension?

I currently receive a Commonwealth Superannuation Fund Pension as a result of my previous employment in the Commonwealth Public Service. Will the amount of this pension be included as income with respect to eligibility under the Income Test for an Age Pension?

I have money in a personal superannuation fund. Will this money count as an asset with respect to eligibility under the Asset Test for an Age Pension?


I’m assuming your income from the Commonwealth Superannuation Fund Pension is a defined benefit pension. If this is indeed the case, then there is a portion of this income that is deductible from the income test. This changed from January this year and is now capped at 10 per cent of your income. You can find out more about how this cap is applied by reading ‘Will my pension be reduced?

Superannuation investments, such as your personal super fund are included in the asset test if you’re over Age Pension age. For the current income and asset thresholds, and how your Age Pension may be affected, visit our Age Pension page.

This information is general and you should confirm your details with Centrelink direct.



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    12th Sep 2016
    Paul, the changes to the treatment of Defined Benefit Pensions will not affect you if you have a CSS Pension because it is an unfunded scheme. However, you will be affected if you also took a non indexed CSS pension, or were in the PSS. Ring Them and they will look it up for you
    15th Sep 2016
    I have just begun a Military Defined Benefit Pension. This under the CSC, which took over the Military Super scheme. Centrelink does not apply any deductible amount during their test of my defined pension. The Military defined benefit pension, as per any other, only gets any Cap - if and only if the Pension has been going since 2007. People need to know that new Pension begun after 2007 are assessed by Centrelink at the full amount of your Gross Pension amount, and there is NO Cap available, at all. The Jan2016 changes are only for pre-2007 Pensions.
    23rd Jan 2017
    I was told I was ineligible for any OAP. No CSHC either. My wife works 2 days per week her income is around 1400 per fortnight before tax, I receive a CSS super pension which I pay tax on of about $200 dollars it nets $992 dollars a fortnight. We are (me) 65 and (wife) 61 years of age
    We own an investment property worth around $350,000 , it covers itself for the mortgage , but any profit is lost on costs,we've had to drop the rent, we owe about $110,000 dollars on it.
    We own our own living residence. Paying off our residence, and helping out adult children on two occasions, has bled my lump sum from super that was not very big , it is now , gone.
    My wife has about $120,000 dollars after tax superannuation she pays into , making her fortnightly net pay smaller but saves a bit on tax.
    We think we would realise about $200,000 if we sold our investment , we certainly struggle week for week now , and we did set up for retirement, but all up I suppose we have assets (I assume our residence where we live is not assessed in the the assets test,) which would be about between $388,000 dollars and $400,000 dollars in total with 2 incomes being assessed plus the amount from investment if sold and value of my wife's super.
    I was knocked back , and I have no idea still if I should go through the hell again of filling these obscene, almost, very hard to understand forms.
    Is it worth me going back to Centre Link and a financial adviser there, or am I done?
    We are far from greedy people , but we are finding things quite difficult at the moment after preparing properly, I see people talking about asetts of $800,000 dollars , we have no where near it. Any one have some info, because I am lost , never done this before?

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